Tensions between supporters around Bruges derby, Cercle fan (23) gets hit (Bruges)

Tensions between supporters around Bruges derby, Cercle fan (23) gets hit (Bruges)
Tensions between supporters around Bruges derby, Cercle fan (23) gets hit (Bruges)

During the match, Bangladeshi fireworks were set off between the supporters. — © BELGA


Cercle supporter Stijn (23) was punched in the face after the derby against Club Brugge on Friday evening. “For the time being, it is not yet known what the exact circumstances of the incident were,” said spokeswoman for the Bruges police Lien Depoorter.

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Club Brugge was allowed to participate on Friday Team of the city after a 4-0 win against Cercle Brugge. Emotions often run high during and after the Bruges derbies. There were also some tensions here and there on Friday, although there were no major fights. But Cercle supporter Stijn was hit. On his way home, around 11:30 p.m., he was punched in the face by an unknown person. It is not yet clear whether the incident had anything to do with the derby.

“We can confirm that around 11:30 p.m. Friday evening, an incident was reported in the Leopold III avenue in which the young man was punched in the face for an unknown reason,” said police spokesman Lien Depoorter. “Whether this is an offshoot of the derby remains to be seen from further investigation.”

There is currently no trace of the perpetrator. “The suspect, a still unknown person, immediately ran off. When our team arrived on the scene, the suspect was missing. The incident is now being further investigated,” said Depoorter.

Small voltages

The derby is always a fraught game for both teams. “Even before the match there were attempts at confrontation between the two hard cores,” says Depoorter. “Attempts that we were able to prevent with our law enforcement. During the match, Bengali fire was lit: one incident in the visitors’ section and several facts in the North Stand.”

“After the match, confrontations were avoided, but there were still tensions here and there between supporters who mingled in and outside the city. There was a lot of police present, so there were no big fights,” Depoorter concludes.

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