Vormer gets the next sledgehammer blow at Club Brugge

Vormer gets the next sledgehammer blow at Club Brugge
Vormer gets the next sledgehammer blow at Club Brugge

Belgian clubs still have until Monday evening to strengthen, but at Club Brugge the chance seems almost non-existent that fresh blood will be added. This has mainly to do with the Champions League, because players who are still reached cannot play in the championship ball. After all, Club had to submit its list of players for the group stage to UEFA on Friday evening.

He has now also released the selections of the participants. At Club they have more than 25 admitted A-core players and so there had to be a few casualties. Three players can certainly make a cross about the group stage: Nick Shinton, Ibe Hautekiet and Noah Mbamba can still be fished for the B-list, but Ruud Vormer, Mats Rits and Daniel Perez have not succeeded.

That should not come as a surprise for the last two, because Rits is still in the rags for months and Perez is now even just a substitute at Club NXT. However, the fact that Vormer is also passed will hit hard. The experienced Dutchman is still captain and has nevertheless earned his stripes in the Champions League, in which he played 24 times on behalf of Club, good for two goals and five assists.

It is a new indication that Vormer would better look for another club, because at Club he does not seem to have to count on playing minutes at all in the coming months. After all, Hoefkens did stop Eder Balanta, who also failed to make the competition selection in recent weeks. However, the options are limited for Vormer, because the market has already closed in most countries.

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