Jan Vertonghen starts on the bench, but makes his debut for Anderlecht early in the second half to loud cheers: “I believe in the project”

Jan Vertonghen made his debut in the Jupiler Pro League at the age of 35. In the home match against Leuven, Felice Mazzu did not immediately throw him in front of the lions, but did let Vertonghen come in when he was 0-1 behind in minute 56. Who did start was ex-Roma midfielder Amadou Diawara, another newcomer who only arrived this week.

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You could safely call Felice Mazzu’s basic line-up for the confrontation against OH Leuven striking. So without Jan Vertonghen, but with lost son Anour Aït El Hadj and that other top purchase, Amadou Diawara in midfield.

Also striking: no Francis Amuzu, Yari Verschaeren, Kristian Arnstad or Mathieu Stroeykens in the selection. They are all missing due to stomach flu. Julian Duranville, Ishaq Abdulrazak and Nilson Angulo replace them in the selection.

In the second half, SuperJan finally made his debut in the Lotto Park. He came to relieve Hannes Delcroix to loud applause. Mazzu posted the Red Devil in the back left. Will that be the position from which he will have to lead the defense this season?

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Vertonghen: “I am not a savior”

After the match, Jan Vertonghen looked back on his choice for Anderlecht, and the impact on his family. “I feel like a big egoist right now, that’s very difficult. My family is by far the hardest part of this story. People quickly say that you earn enough, but emotionally that was a difficult choice. There is a lot involved.”

On to the match then. Vertonghen came on after the break and made a good impression. Although there could not be won against OHL. “I have confidence in the project. In any case, it feels good to be playing football again. I realize that we still have a long way to go with the team. I am not a savior, but I want to support the team and bring experience. They should not expect miracles from me, but I will do my best to take steps together with Anderlecht.”

“That I immediately asserted myself? There was room on my side to exploit the man-more situation. That was also easier in the second half because it had to be, before half time there was more doubt. I got through a few times. I will try to assist the boys in my own way, I never push myself too hard but I am ready for them.”




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