“Yaremchuk wouldn’t have come if he was feasible”

“Yaremchuk wouldn’t have come if he was feasible”
“Yaremchuk wouldn’t have come if he was feasible”

There is no shortage of money at Club Brugge. That became clear this mercato. CEO Vincent Mannaert spoke in the podcast Mid Mid about the transfer of Roman Yaremchuk and the evolution in football.

“At the last minute there was a bid for Yaremchuk, but we already had an agreement with the player. Until two weeks ago, Schmidt was not allowed to leave Benfica. It is true that Yaremchuk would not have come if we had Höjlund (which went to Atalanta for 17 million euros, ed.) could have tied. In the past, two or three years ago, we already checked with Yaremchuk. So it had been in our database for a while and you should check it from time to time. This way, certain players can come back into the picture afterwards,” said Mannaert.


It falls: prices continue to rise. Strikers have become even more expensive, even if they are sitting on the bench or playing at a good level for only a few months. The 16 million euros for Yaremchuk therefore seems expensive, but is a ‘normal’ amount in these times.

“In any case, the prices continue to rise. There may have been a correction after the pandemic, but you can hardly notice that. You see that they are playing very hard in England, even clubs like Nottingham Forest. So prices will continue to rise relatively. The 16 million euros for Yaremchuk? That follows the international trend, but we also sell more expensive. Look at De Ketelaere. You have to be able to sell well before you can buy well. if Ajax can ever sell a player for 100 million euros?It is a punishment what Ajax has sold in recent years, but Ajax is a world brand.We don’t have that in Belgium, but it is certainly a good evolution that we are giving De Ketelaere AC Milan sell and Anderlecht Gomez to Manchester City. That is at the international top.”


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