Sadiki launches statement to Anderlecht supporters

Sadiki launches statement to Anderlecht supporters
Sadiki launches statement to Anderlecht supporters

The title race seems to be a Brussels meeting between Anderlecht and Union this season. The rivalry between the two is extra special for Noah Sadiki, who moved from Lotto Park to Duden Park last summer.

Since then, the 19-year-old midfielder has been a source of turmoil for some of the Purple & White supporters, something that is apparently difficult for his entourage to accept. For example, his father got into a serious fight with a number of RSCA supporters online on Monday evening.

Statement from Sadiki

Father Sadiki did not shy away from using harsh words and, among other things, referred to the record champion’s shirt as a kind of dish rag. The next day, his son was forced to respond to the controversy surrounding his person.

“I have chosen to continue my career at Union, whose colors and logo I defend with passion and pride,” he opens his statement. “Despite our break, I remain extremely grateful to Anderlecht for everything I learned during my training.”

Respect for RSCA

“My father is and will always remain my father, but I would like to emphasize that his opinions are solely his. I therefore firmly and categorically refute any link between myself and his statements, which are his own and I do not share them with him” , said Sadiki.

“I would like to clarify that I do not feel any hostility towards the fans of Anderlecht, whom I respect very much. I therefore respectfully ask to make a distinction between my own reputation and beliefs and those of my father,” he concludes his argument.

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