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The salon draw between KVC Westerlo and KRC Genk has stirred emotions in recent weeks. In the meantime, possible punishments have already been proposed by the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office, we will soon know more about the case.

Heavy fines for Westerlo and Genk, individual fines per player and even suspensions for Wouter Vrancken, Rik De Mil and players Madsen and Kayembé. These are the proposals of the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office in the Westerlo – Genk case.

Imke Courtois also has a clear opinion about the matter: “It was very unsportsmanlike, yes. As KAA Gent you will just sit and watch it,” said the former Red Flame in The Sunday about the bizarre duel.

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“I’ve never known or seen it in my career,” the analyst is clear. Yet she also has a remarkable opinion regarding the punishment.

Too heavy sanctions according to Imke Courtois

“I don’t think it was agreed quickly and I think the sanctions are too severe, even though it was very unsportsmanlike,” Courtois concluded.

The coming week will reveal whether the players, coaches and clubs will actually be punished so severely. The case will then be heard in the association buildings. Genk coach Wouter Vrancken, among others, already indicated that he did not agree with the penalty.

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