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MATCH REPORTWesterlo and OHL were both in a good flow, but it was the people of Leuven who continued the positive trend in Het Kuipje on Saturday evening. Two early goals from Banzuzi and Miguel paved the way to an important three-pointer. OHL has now been undefeated for five matches in a row. Westerlo has both feet on the ground again.

Since the arrival of Rik De Mil, KVC Westerlo had started a steady rise. For the opponent, coach Oscar Garcia needed a little more time to get everything on track, but after the recent eight out of twelve, OHL went to Het Kuipje on Saturday evening with the necessary confidence.

And that was noticeable, because an eager OHL immediately got off to a dream start when Banzuzi towered above everyone on Maziz’s corner kick and headed in the 0-1. The game had been going on for a good minute. Westerlo was clearly not alert, because ten minutes later OHL scored again. Schrijvers put a cross on Miguel’s foot and he finished it in a controlled manner: 0-2 after just eleven minutes of play. Although an attentive goalkeeper Leysen managed to prevent the equalizer in between. He made an excellent save on a header by Rommens.

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An excited Westerlo had to give chase early, but there was not much conviction in the game of the Gamecocks afterwards. OHL kept everything tightly closed and occasionally pushed back itself. The first real Westel goal attempt was only scored just before half time. Leysen had few problems with Yow’s header.

Coach Rik De Mil made two substitutions at halftime. Iranian asset Sayyadmanesh replaced Reynolds. Fixelles replaced the injured Madsen. Newcomer Akimoto made his appearance at OHL. However, not much changed in the game image. The people of Leuven kept their lead under control with a lot of bravado and Westerlo shot themselves in the foot again halfway through the second half. Rommens played back too short to goalkeeper Bolat and substitute Maertens – less than a minute on the field – took the gift: 0-3.

In the remaining half hour, Westerlo still pushed forward with the courage of desperation. Another very strong Leysen was in the way of Sayyadmanesh, Schingtienne cleared a ball from Vermant off the line. Bayram was also blocked again in the suit.

The game then continued quietly to the end. Westerlo resigned himself to his fate and missed an excellent opportunity to put himself in a slightly safer position. The Gamecocks have their feet on the ground again. OHL for its part showed that it can hold its own without strongman Thorsteinsson and has now been undefeated for five matches in a row. Coach Oscar Garcia cannot help but be satisfied with what his team delivered in Het Kuipje.


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End of second half


Maertens again in the side netting

Maertens is still looking forward to it. He hits the side netting from N’Dri’s cross.

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Chadli’s cross blows over

In the meantime, Westerlo has resigned himself to his fate. A cross from Chadli blows over Leysen’s goal.


Scot N’Dri

It doesn’t mean much anymore in Het Kuipje. Westerlo seems to have resigned himself to his fate. OHL tries again through N’Dri, but his shot is too weak. Bolat simply picks up.


Yellow card for Federico Ricca


Nachon Nsingi is replaced by Konan N’Dri


Romeo Vermant is replaced by Matija Frigan


Hot position for Leuven’s goal!

Westerlo tries with the courage of desperation. Sayyadmanesh gets a good chance, but encounters a very strong Leysen. Vermant can score on the rebound, but Schingtienne takes the ball off the line!


Treacherous trap Maertens

Maertens is looking forward to it. He kicks from far away, but the ball goes just over Bolat’s goal.


Griffin Yow is replaced by Ravil Tagir


Serhiy Sydorchuk is replaced by Nacer Chadli


0-3 GOAL by Mathieu Maertens!

Mathieu Maertens, on the field for less than a minute, gives Westerlo the death blow! He intercepts a dramatic back pass from Rommens and leaves Bolat without a chance: 0-3.

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Youssef Maziz is replaced by Mathieu Maertens


Florian Miguel is replaced by Franco Russo


Sayyadmanesh goes over

Substitute Sayyadmanesh is sent into the alley, but goes over!


Bryan Reynolds is replaced by Allahyar Sayyadmanesh


Nicolas Madsen is replaced by Mathias Fixelles


Second half kicked off

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Richie Sagrado is replaced by Takahiro Akimoto


End of first half

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