5 questions and 5 answers about Lewis Hamilton’s spectacular transfer: “Schumacher also arrived in a mess”


Lewis Hamilton’s high-profile transfer to Ferrari raises questions. Will the Briton in the red car race to an 8th world title? Is it a risky gamble? And what about the open post at Mercedes? Formula 1 experts Kris Wauters and Massimo Bottiglieri look for answers in our podcast Sporza Daily.

Sensation in Formula 1 Thursday: Lewis Hamilton will exchange his Mercedes for a Ferrari next year. In our podcast Sporza Daily we ask F1 commentator Kris Wauters and motorsport engineer Massimo Bottiglieri some questions about the controversial position switch.

What does Ferrari mean in Formula 1?

Kris Wauters: “Every Formula 1 driver dreams of racing a Ferrari. Ferrari remains something of a myth. It is an iconic and the biggest team in F1, even though the last world title dates back to 2007 with Kimi Räikkönen.”

Massimo Bottiglieri: “Nothing surpasses Ferrari. I don’t think Hamilton will consider itself bigger than Ferrari. And imagine if they build a good car and Hamilton surpasses Michael Schumacher with an 8th world title. Hallucinant and perfect for Netflix.”

You see Ferrari fans around every Formula 1 circuit.

Isn’t Lewis Hamilton too old?

Massimo Bottiglieri: “His talent will not have disappeared, but I doubt whether Hamilton is still as fast as 10 years ago. The car will have to compensate more, especially if he wants to compete with Max Verstappen, who is in the prime of his life. “

Kris Wauters: “If Hamilton still wanted to race with a Ferrari, it had to happen now. Imagine if they get everything in order, that would be fantastic. Then Hamilton would win the world title with 3 different teams.”

Lewis Hamilton won’t race a Ferrari until he’s 40.

Can Ferrari avoid the tactical mistakes?

Kris Wauters: “Wrong tactical choices, wrong pit stops, … it was chaos at Ferrari. The question is whether they can get everything in order. Fred Vasseur has been leading the team since last season. Maybe that is the reason for Lewis Hamilton to move to Ferrari The two know each other from Formula 3 and GP2.”

Massimo Bottiglieri: “Michael Schumacher also came to Ferrari when it was a mess. It took a few seasons, but then Ferrari became a killing machine. That was also due to Schumacher’s input. There was a vision, something that Vasseur and Hamilton can also achieve together to work.”

Michael Schumacher

Massimo Bottiglieri: “Michael Schumacher also joined Ferrari when it was a mess.”

How does Charles Leclerc feel about Hamilton’s arrival?

Kris Wauters: “Charles Leclerc is the darling of the tifosi. He wears his heart on his sleeve like a true Italian, while Lewis Hamilton sometimes comes across as a bit forced. Leclerc was the first driver at Ferrari, but now? Just after he extended his contract, he announces team announced the arrival of Hamilton. I don’t think he knew that when he signed.”

Massimo Bottiglieri: “Leclerc is indeed the crowd favorite, but he makes mistakes. Perhaps Vasseur brought Hamilton to Ferrari to give Leclerc experience. Who knows, Hamilton will become his teacher.”

Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc

Kris Wauters: “I don’t think Charles Leclerc knew about the arrival of Lewis Hamilton.”

Where should Carlos Sainz Jr. go?

Massimo Bottiglieri: “I think he will move to Audi (the successor to Sauber, ed). The brand has an ambitious program and the Sainz family has a link with the Volkswagen group. Carlos Sainz is also not a slow Formula 1 driver.”

Kris Wauters: “There is talk of Sainz going in the opposite direction, to Mercedes, but applications will pour in to take Lewis Hamilton’s seat. Because it remains a seat with which you can aspire to the world title.”

Carlos Sainz

Does Carlos Sainz exchange Ferrari for newcomer Audi?


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