Club Brugge after transfer saga also without Nusa against Antwerp (and Union): “It has been a lot”

Club Brugge after transfer saga also without Nusa against Antwerp (and Union): “It has been a lot”
Club Brugge after transfer saga also without Nusa against Antwerp (and Union): “It has been a lot”

Club Brugge is looking for rehabilitation at Antwerp after the blow it received from Kortrijk on Wednesday. By the way, it does this without Antonio Nusa: he will not be in the selection on Sunday and may not play against Union either.

It was something, the saga surrounding Antonio Nusa. First on the way to Brentford and the Premier League for 37 million euros – a deal that could still happen, then suddenly no transfer due to a knee problem. In any case: Nusa would finish the season at Club, but will not play in Antwerp on Sunday.

Talking every day

“It was all a bit much for him,” says Ronny Deila. “That’s why we’re going to take care of him now. He has had a demanding period, both physically and mentally. The travel, the constant changes during the conversations, the negotiations: all not easy.” Punishment: Deila is not yet thinking about Nusa next Wednesday, before the cup match against Union. “But I want to see him back on the field as soon as possible. We will speak to him every day and see how Antonio is doing.”

The young Norwegian must therefore recover from the rollercoaster he was on for a while. Whether his level will be good in the coming months is another story. “We only see the very best Nusa when there is stability,” says Deila. “Everyone knows how good he is and what importance he has for our team. What is the most difficult for him, the transfer or the fuss about his knee? “Both,” says Deila. “But the positive thing is: he is still around with us. So we count on him.”

The House

Anyway: Nusa was not the only item during Ronny Deila’s weekly press chat. Of course, there was also that painful loss of points against Kortrijk. “Of course that match still resonates,” Deila sighs. “It’s a terrible feeling, also in the dressing room. Because we were just good. After half time we are too open, but we still return to 3-2. And then we are punished incredibly harshly. That should never happen.”

Still, Deila keeps her courage up. “Look at our series: it is not there by chance. There is a house, our foundations have been laid. Now it becomes fun”, the Norwegian nods. Whether that will be enough to threaten Union remains to be seen. “Look: we are now having the main course, dessert will follow later. When we ask for the bill, we’ll see what it will be (grins). But Union is the favourite: that is clear. They must already be making a lot of mistakes. At the same time, we keep fighting.”

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