KV Mechelen falls behind twice against Anderlecht and thus keeps a point at home

KV Mechelen falls behind twice against Anderlecht and thus keeps a point at home
KV Mechelen falls behind twice against Anderlecht and thus keeps a point at home

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KV Mechelen was able to breathe a little more freely after the recent 9 out of 12 and started the game against Anderlecht with confidence. The announcement of two new signings – striker Islam Slimani and defender Munashe Garananga – provided an extra boost, although the pair did not yet feature against Anderlecht. The downer was the withdrawal of Rob Schoofs, who had to cancel due to illness. This is how 21-year-old Bill Antonio celebrated his first starting spot. He started on the right flank. Walsh, who returned from the Asian Cup, referred Van Hecke to the bench. At Anderlecht, Thorgan Hazard was preferred over Verschaeren.

Bingo on rehearsed corner kick

It was the visitors who started best. Coucke was just not surprised by a clever cross from Leoni. The one who did allow himself to be surprised a little later was the young Antonio. He let Hazard run in too easily on a low corner kick from Dreyer. Bates also arrived too late and the score was 0-1 after just eight minutes. Malinwa was lucky that Leoni’s shot was blocked or the books could start early. Before that opportunity, Antonio was ignored by Patris. Defensively, the Zimbabwean had a very difficult start.

KVM straightened out and after a shot by Hairemans on Schmeichel, Cobbaut was actually able to score against his ex-club. However, the defender was clearly offside, so the party was canceled. Yet it proved that yellow-red was slowly trying to get into the match. Antonio also recovered and dribbled through three or four Anderlecht players and decided on Schmeichel in the short corner. Beautiful action from the wing attacker. In between, Stroeykens failed to punish Coucke’s poor relief. After a left free kick from Mrabti went just over Schmeichel’s goal, Cobbaut served Hazard with the 0-2 after a poor defense. Fortunately for KV Mechelen, his shot went wide.

Antonio fools around with Patris and scores

Although Anderlecht had the better of the game before half time, Malinwa did not intend to simply give up. It was Mukau who made the first attempt after the break. His shot went over. Flicking at his spy head, KVM kept pressing. Hairemans laid wide to Antonio. The Zimbabwean once again showed off his enormous (starting) speed, left Patris on the spot and actually scored via the far post. Behind the Barracks ablaze in a match that could suddenly go either way. Pflücke fired another volley, without danger. Lauerbach struck Schmeichel’s foot – albeit from offside. After fumbling at the back at Anderlecht, Hairemans won the ball. Schmeichel saved the furniture after he got Leoni in trouble himself.


KV Mechelen like under Wouter Vrancken

KV Mechelen was sometimes reminiscent of Kavé under Wouter Vrancken. One-time football with many running players. It resulted in code red for the purple and white several times. Anderlecht then did nothing more. Not much, although a strong Cobbaut had to be alert when Hazard approached. The Mechelen storm subsided for a while. Yet Hairemans once again found Lauerbach’s head from a free kick. However, the ball came a little too high and the German was unable to frame his header. Things broke out in yellow-red, because when Mukau unfortunately deflected Dreyer’s cross onto the head of substitute Vazquez, Anderlecht took the lead again.

Venom in the tail

A flattering lead for the Purple & White that left the Mechelen team orphaned. Orphaned, but not dead. Malinwa went forward and almost made it 2-2 via a header from Bates, but Schmeichel made a good save. However, the devil was in the tail. Stroeykens planted his arm in Pflücke’s face and De Cremer pointed to the spot. Hairemans shot Schmeichel and gave Malinwa a hard-fought point. Although Coucke still had to keep Hazard from making it 2-3 with a beautiful parade. Due to the loss of points, the people of Brussels are now ten points behind leader Union, but KV Mechelen drops to 9th place due to the victory over Sint-Truiden.

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  • KV Mechelen and Anderlecht share the points.
  • Hairemans equalized from the spot.
  • Another draw for Anderlecht.

KV Mechelen and Anderlecht share the points after a pleasant match. Hazard gave the visitors the lead, but in the second half KV Mechelen fought back into the match after a goal from Antonio. Anderlecht had a hard time, but substitute Vazquez once again gave the Purple & White hope with a goal. Anderlecht thought the victory had been won, but that was without a penalty for KV Mechelen. Neatly converted by Hairemans, KV Mechelen still took a point in the last minute. Final score 2-2!

Save Coucke!

Vertonghen neatly paints the ball on Hazard’s head. It seems to make it 2-3, but Coucke prevents the goal with a fantastic save! What a spectacle in extra time!

Hairemans finishes neatly from the spot. 2-2! Now it gets exciting!

Penalty KV Mechelen!

Stroeykens hits Hairemans’ face with his arm and referee De Cremer points to the spot! Hairemans gets behind the ball. Will he bring KV Mechelen to the same level?

Header Hairemans!

Hairemans heads towards goal on a corner kick from close range, but it goes straight at Schmeichel. There was more in this for KV Mechelen!

Scot Mukau

KV Mechelen keeps trying, but for the time being it has not been possible to score again. This time Mukau tries from far away, his attempt deflects into a corner.

Despite the better play of KV Mechelen, Anderlecht takes the lead again after a header by substitute Vazquez. 1-2!

Lauberbach heads over

During a free kick, Hairemans paints the ball on Lauberbach’s head. He heads the ball a meter over Schmeichel’s goal from close range. KV Mechelen is the best team!

Care for Coucke

Coucke is on the ground after a wrong action and needs care, but after a short patch up the goalkeeper can continue.

Pflücke next

Pflücke takes a shot from the edge of the box. His attempt flies a meter wide of Schmeichel’s goal. KV Mechelen is looking for the 2-1.

Scot Stroeykens

Anderlecht threatens for the first time in the second half. Stroeykens tries from far away, but his attempt deflects into a corner.

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