Cercle Brugge has lost it: “It totally made sense”

Cercle Brugge has lost it: “It totally made sense”
Cercle Brugge has lost it: “It totally made sense”

Cercle Brugge seems to be gradually dropping out of the battle for the top six. The Association has had difficulty winning matches for some time now. They lost 4-2 against KVC Westerlo.

Cercle Brugge is seriously defeated

After one half it was already 4-1. Hannes Van der Bruggen was not pleased with that performance. “The first half made no sense at all. We started well for another five minutes, but then we started to panic with the ball and make individual mistakes. And they punished every mistake. Then it’s over and out at halftime.”

“After that, we never really tried to score a second goal. And the many mistakes and the yellow cards given too easily in the second half completely took the pace out of the game. We lost this match for ourselves. We now have to learn lessons from this match, but also quickly forget about the match,” he told Sporza.

The top six gone?

Cercle Brugge recorded a 12 out of 30. It won only three of its last ten competition matches. With figures like that you can write the top six on your stomach. Three tough matches await with STVV, AA Gent and Club Brugge.

Do they have their backs there, or is it completely game over for the Champions’ Play-Offs?

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