Vanhaezebrouck lashes out again: “Not something to praise”

Vanhaezebrouck lashes out again: “Not something to praise”
Vanhaezebrouck lashes out again: “Not something to praise”

Hein Vanhaezebrouck has lashed out at someone else for the umpteenth time. However, we do not find self-criticism. This time too he hit others again.

Vanhaezebrouck not satisfied

Vanhaezebrouck has been working at AA Gent for a number of years now. He worked there with Samuel Cardenas, who was head of scouting at the time. Apparently the two did not really communicate well with each other, which is quite incredible for a top Belgian club. A few months before a mercato, you would think that there would be talk about the impending mercato. Apparently something went wrong there.

“We actually already knew in June that we had to get a defender. Especially when you hear that Watanabe and Nurio would be gone. A lot could have been solved, we would have been better prepared. In Kortrijk they came and took players away every time, but then there were always four ready. That was never a problem there,” he said in his press chat.

Scouting not up to scratch

“It is different for us and we carry that with us from the past. We were not ready for anything. We have now taken a new path, but I predicted that in the meeting with the new head of scouting: the time was too short. “We weren’t ready before. Everyone is very complimentary about that, I hear, but that is nothing to praise. What I mean? The scouting past.”

Head of scouting Samuel Cardenas recently went to Poland and has now been succeeded by Marco Verheuge. It’s good that those two will communicate a lot better. Vanhaezebrouck is a good trainer, but again he sneers at others…

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