Andretti responds: “Completely disagree with Formula 1”

Andretti responds: “Completely disagree with Formula 1”
Andretti responds: “Completely disagree with Formula 1”

Formula 1 announced today that it has rejected Andretti Cadillac’s plans. The American racing team had received the green light from the FIA, but the FOM does not agree. Andretti’s team has now responded and they state that they disagree with Formula 1’s reasoning.

Formula 1 announced this afternoon that Andretti will not be allowed to enter the sport in 2025 or 2026. The door remains ajar, because if they can enter the sport in 2028 with power units from General Motors, they still have a chance. Formula 1 stated in their message that they do not think Andretti can add anything to the starting field, they even state that it has more added value for Andretti than for Formula 1.

Andretti Cadillac responded to the situation tonight with a statement. In the press release, the team states that they have reviewed Formula 1’s document and that they strongly disagree with it. According to the team, Andretti and Cadillac are two brands with successful motorsport teams. The team is proud of the work done and they say that they are continuing to develop a competitive car and a good Power Unit.

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