Wouter Vrancken has a major Joseph Paintsil problem, gradually becoming the target of all opponents: “Everyone knows that” – Football News


Wouter Vrancken is already faced with the challenge of making Genk play better and then there is Joseph Paintsil. He showed again on Wednesday evening that he does have a very short fuse.

The fact that the matches became a bit tougher in OHL – Genk was apparently not to Paintsil’s liking. Just before half time, the Ghanaian pushed Siebe Schrijvers, resulting in a strong push. “We tried to remove him from that situation. We have discussed it with him in the past,” said Patrik Hrosovsky.

Risk of exclusion for Paintsil

Paintsil went into referee Staessens’ book for this. Genk can make good use of the winger’s capabilities, but Wouter Vrancken had little choice but to keep him on the bench out of the risk of an exclusion in the second half.

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“What can I do about that? Take him off, because I have done the rest. I have already talked to him a lot. It is up to him to keep that under control,” the Genk coach calls his player to the order. “He has a lot of qualities that we would like to use and exploit.”

Vrancken opts for replacement

Schrijvers was therefore involved in that incident on the Leuven side. The ex-Genkenaar also received a yellow card. “A bit of a shame, but I was able to finish the match and Paintsil was substituted at half-time. I think it was a greater danger for him to get red than for me.”

Opponents are not shocked by the fact that Paintsil is a high-risk patient who sometimes loses the pedals. “Everyone knows that,” says the man who heralded the turnaround with his penalty. “I do think he is professional enough to finish the match after his yellow card. But he does indeed have it happen more often.”

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