‘Eden Hazard refused staggering offer’

‘Eden Hazard refused staggering offer’
‘Eden Hazard refused staggering offer’

Eden Hazard recently made his mark once again by suddenly appearing at the training of his eldest son Yannis’ youth team. The 32-year-old ex-Red Devil announced in October that he was retiring as a professional footballer after a career of sixteen years.

In the summer, Hazard had his one-year contract with Real Madrid terminated. He then took a few months to make the decision and wait to see if an interesting offer came along. But no one could convince Hazard yet.

Hazard turned down annual wages of more than 50 million

But there were certainly offers. Staggering offers even. It was previously reported that Hazard was one of the many stars who was approached by Saudi Arabia. His ex-teammate John Obi Mikel now reveals some remarkable details.

In the podcast Vibe with Five with Rio Ferdinand, Mikel revealed what Hazard told him in the summer. “Should I go to Saudi Arabia now? I can earn 1 million a week, but what then? I have two or three offers to go to Saudi Arabia,” Hazard is said to have said.

Hazard has plenty of money

In the end it was a no-go for Hazard. “He told me, ‘Mikel, I have a lot of money. You know how I live. I don’t spend that much money. So now I have enough money to live with my family and raise my children,'” he said. Mikel.

Money was never Hazard’s biggest motivation. Rather than playing football for money or glory, the graceful attacker mainly wanted to have fun. Sometimes to the great annoyance of teammates, who have repeatedly made revelations about his limited training effort. However, for fans, Hazard was always a feast for the eyes, until injuries at the end of his career threw a spanner in the works.

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