LOOK. “We live in a free country, don’t we?”: Tissoudali ‘not amused’ because he had to take off a bracelet for Palestine | Sport


The conflict in Israel and Palestine also affects the football world. AA Gent players Tarik Tissoudali and Ismael Kandouss wore an armband with the Palestinian flag against Anderlecht. During a stoppage in play they had to take off ref Vergoote’s. “I find it annoying that this is not allowed,” Tissoudali said afterwards.

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Tissoudali and Kandouss had to take off their ties, in Germany FSV Mainz 05 went one step further, Anwar El Ghazi was fired because of a message on social media about the conflict. Wearing politically charged symbols is prohibited in the Jupiler Pro League, something Tissoudali does not agree with. “The ref said he heard we were wearing political symbols. I don’t think this is really political. That was allowed for another country and not for this,” he referred indirectly to the recent open support for Ukraine in the football world.

Left: Tissoudali with Palestinian bracelet. Right: Kandouss with Palestinian band on the wrist. © RV

Tissoudali believes it is a restriction on his freedom of expression. “I can do whatever I want, right? I find it annoying that it’s not allowed. We live in a free country, right? I don’t do it because it is an Arab country, I think everyone deserves to live in peace. I am against war, against mass murder and for freedom.” Captain Sven Kums said he was not aware of the action of his teammates. “I didn’t know that, I just read it. Do I think it is a problem that it is not allowed? I don’t know the exact rules, it’s not up to me to judge.”

Last week, Tissoudali said the following in an interview with Het Laatste Nieuws about the conflict in Israel and Gaza: “I cannot just ignore that. The images touch me. Look, I don’t want to take sides in the conflict. I’m simply against war and terrorism. I hope that the people there will one day gain freedom. Every child, every person, every country deserves that.”

Tissoudali with and without bracelet.

© Photo News

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