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No winner in the Kuipje, after a pleasant game of football and yet another crazy final phase. Westerlo reversed a 0-1 deficit before half-time. STVV did the same in the second half. Top scorer Koita increased his total to ten hits and the score went from 2-1 to 2-3. STVV seemed to return to Limburg with the full spoils, but a deflected ball from Frigan ensured a fair division of points in injury time.

Two teams that like to play football made for a pleasant first half. Westerlo immediately tried to put pressure on STVV, but was caught cold when Bocat scored the 0-1 goal after just five minutes. However, it did not take long before the boards were level again. Sydorchuk first hit the target wood, but Bayram was accurate on the rebound. The defender who advanced along kicked in the 1-1 under Suzuki.

That equalizer gave Westerlo new courage. The home team pushed on for a while, but STVV managed to restore the balance. Until Nicolas Madsen got the ball in front of his feet on the edge of the large rectangle. The Danish midfielder calmly placed the 2-1 past Suzuki. The pace dropped and Westerlo calmly kept its lead under control until half time.

Nicolas Madsen has just made it 2-1. © Photo News

Same game pattern after halftime. Westerlo immediately took the initiative, but STVV played well under the pressure. The Limburgers also took their chances. Zahiroleslam tried with a low slider, Bolat saved the day. On the other side, Haidara tried from far away, but his shot did not go very far over the frame.

Both teams kept each other in balance, but it remained interesting. The Limburgers clearly did not give in. Delorge hit Bolat’s fists again. A goal hung in the air, but it was the VAR that heralded the equalizer. Bayram touched the ball with his arm, ref Laforge was called to the screen and placed the ball on the spot. This rule can be debated, but Koita did not hesitate and kicked the penalty high into the net: 2-2.

Aboubakary Koita to the party twice. © BELGA

What followed was, as has often been the case this season, another crazy final phase. Bayram committed an unnecessary mistake on the edge of the sixteen meters. A right to the hand of Aboubakary Koita, who beautifully curled the free kick over the wall in minute 88: 2-3. Westerlo squeezed out a final offensive and equalized in injury time. Bos kicked on goal and saw his shot disappear into the goal via Frigan’s foot: 3-3!

Koita curls in the 2-3 from a free kick.
Koita curls in the 2-3 from a free kick. © BELGA

And it wasn’t over yet, because Westerlo also claimed a penalty. Frigan was taken down, ref Laforge had to go to the screen again, but in the end he saw no problem. Much to the frustration of the home crowd. So it remained in the Kuipje with a – all in all justified – division of points after a pleasant evening of football.


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End of second half


Jarne Steuckers is replaced by Olivier Dumont


VAR: Penalty denied

Ref Laforge has to go to the screen again after a mistake on Frigan, but in the end he sees no problem in it. No penalty for Westerlo, much to the frustration of the home crowd.


Yellow card for Wolke Janssens


3-3 GOAL by Matija Frigan!

What a final phase in the Kuipje! Westerlo squeezes out another offensive. Bos kicks the goal and sees the ball end up in the goal via Frigan’s foot: 3-3!


Bakary Haidara is replaced by Lukas Van Eenoo


Pietro Perdichizzi is replaced by Matija Frigan


Eric Junior Bocat is replaced by Wolke Janssens


2-3 GOAL after free kick from Aboubakary Koita!

What a turnaround! Bayram commits an unnecessary mistake at the edge of sixteen meters. A turn to the hand for the front Aboubakary Koita. The top scorer beautifully aims the free kick into the corner: 2-3!


Deflected ball Matsuo

Westerlo is looking for the much-needed three-pointer. Matsuo takes a swing on the left, but the shot goes into a corner. Suzuki picks simply.


Arthur Piedfort is replaced by Dogucan Haspolat


Kahveh Zahiroleslam is replaced by Joel Chima Fujita


Ryotaro Ito is replaced by Fatih Kaya


2-2 GOAL (Penalty) by Aboubakary Koita!

Koita takes a seat behind the ball and kicks his ninth goal of the season into the net: 2-2!


Penalty for STVV!

Ref Laforge is called to the screen, because Bayram has touched the ball with his arm. Dubious decision, but suddenly an spenalty for STVV!


VAR: Penalty confirmed


Delorge on Bolat!

STVV immediately with the counter. Delorge takes a strong swing, but hits Bolat’s fists. The game is in balance, but it remains interesting in the Kuipje.


Suzuki is well among them

Perdichizzi to Stassin, who puts the ball in front of goal. Matsuo catches up, but Suzuki is well in between.


Erdon Daci is replaced by Lucas Stassin


Griffin Yow is replaced by Yusuke Matsuo

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