LOOK. “Too ridiculous for words”: angry Kortrijk coach Glen De Boeck snaps back after fuss about jackets | Sport


Glen De Boeck has attracted attention in recent weeks with some striking clothing choices. Last weekend the KV Kortrijk coach put on an eye-catching silver jacket. This was eagerly discussed and De Boeck was not happy with that. “Does that have to do with jealousy?” he wondered angrily at his weekly press conference.

“It really bothered me,” says De Boeck. “I think it is ridiculous. Everyone wears what they want to wear. I shouldn’t comment on your sweater, should I? Does that have to do with my personality? Does that have to do with jealousy? I am a trainer at KV Kortrijk and am just trying to install my craftsmanship here. I want to be judged on that and maybe criticized, but I don’t want to be judged on what jacket, jeans or shoes I wear.”

“I don’t think about that at all in the morning. I just wear the clothes in my closet. I think it’s too ridiculous to write an item about that every week. It all started with that jacket, Claude Gezelle (the team manager, ed.) gave to me against Club Brugge. I didn’t have a raincoat with me because I didn’t expect it to rain. It started there and it hasn’t stopped.”

“Perhaps it will bother certain people that Glen De Boeck is back in the picture and that he is doing well with Kortrijk. I’d love to wear a club costume, but apparently that doesn’t exist anymore. Which jacket will I wear against Union on Sunday? I do not know yet.” (grins)

The striking jackets from De Boeck

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