‘For this reason Trebel is not even on the bench at Charleroi’

‘For this reason Trebel is not even on the bench at Charleroi’
‘For this reason Trebel is not even on the bench at Charleroi’

In the summer there was no longer room for Adrien Trebel at Anderlecht, because they were happy to finally be freed from his heavy contract. However, the midfielder surprisingly continued to work in the Jupiler Pro League, as he surprisingly found shelter at Charleroi.

But the transition has not been a success so far. Trebel did not play more than 100 minutes in five substitute appearances in the competition and has not played since October 1. An injury threw a spanner in the works, but last weekend he was simply not in the selection against AA Gent.

Belgian problem at Charleroi

According to Sudpresse This mainly has to do with the fact that Charleroi has all the trouble in the world to get enough Belgians. For each match, six players must be on the score sheet who have been trained in our country and due to the injuries to Van Cleemput, Mbenza and Nkuba, Charleroi is barely getting there.

As a result, Mazzu is forced to regularly put players such as Trebel, but also Ryota Morioka, Jonas Bager or Pierre Patron, in the stands, even though he would include them on purely sporting criteria.

Youngsters forced to sit on the bench

However, in order to comply with the Belgian rule and maintain the balance in terms of profiles among his substitutes, he is forced to opt for young players such as Delavallée, Boukamir, Monticelli or Sylla.

The only option for Charleroi is therefore to purchase Belgians in January and hope that the injured will be back soon. A departure for Trebel during the winter mercato is also a possibility, although a possible transfer from Zorgane could still open doors for the experienced midfielder.

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