Ronny Deila: “Just blame me. Criticism doesn’t affect me, but poor performance does” | Conference League

Ronny Deila: “Just blame me. Criticism doesn’t affect me, but poor performance does” | Conference League
Ronny Deila: “Just blame me. Criticism doesn’t affect me, but poor performance does” | Conference League

The early confidence that Club Brugge and Ronny Deila had built up after a series of three victories in a row was severely damaged on Sunday with the defeat against Union.

A sobering result, the Norwegian coach admits. “In our previous defeats we were better or just as good as our opponent, but not now. We have to turn that around quickly,” said Deila.

And he doesn’t have much time, because tomorrow Lugano will visit in the Conference League, followed by the Bruges derby against city rivals Cercle on Sunday. Still, Deila isn’t too worried yet, “because the solutions can be easy.”

“It is clear what we need to do better and how to do it. After three victories in a row, you want to keep improving for the next step. But sometimes you push a bit too much and then the uncertainties surface again.”

“In addition, the players were a bit empty due to a succession of matches. Instead of a step forward, it became a step backward. So back to basics, and then we can quickly turn things around.”

The solutions may be easy in his own words, but Ronny Deila is still unable to get Club Brugge up to speed. Not for the first time, the Norwegian was asked about his future with blue-black.

“I’m really not concerned with that. If you want to blame someone, just point it at me,” he says.

“The criticism doesn’t affect me, but it does affect me that we don’t win or don’t perform. What a supporter feels, I feel twenty times as hard. I like to suffer. It’s worth the suffering and pain if you do well in the end.” plays and wins. I can’t live without that feeling.”

Deila also feels the confidence of the players and the club. “Right now I haven’t gotten a signal,” he said. “Everyone also knew that it would not be a quick fix, that the process would take time.”

“There are also many positive things. We have played 23 matches and have not lost at home yet. We still feel like one unit,” Deila concludes.

With two victories against Lugano and Cercle Brugge, things could soon look completely different for Club and Deila. That’s how Hans Vanaken sees it too.

“Then we can go into the international break with a positive feeling and then we can continue to work to get better,” said the captain.

There are no doubts about the coach, Vanaken agrees. “If the confidence were no longer there, there would certainly be a problem. That is certainly not the case. We have to get through it together. I thought we were on a good track after Antwerp and Lugano, but now we have to fight back after a small setback.”

“We have carefully analyzed what can and should be improved. That was a lot, because on Sunday it really wasn’t good enough. The experienced players did not hit the table, but we did mention some things.”

Vanaken also thinks that the solution is obvious. “If we can bring more energy and intensity to the match, our other qualities will naturally emerge.”

A three-pointer against Lugano would be a good start and immediately provide certainty about European wintering. “Let us win and make those last two matches redundant,” the captain concluded.


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