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Ex-mistress Tom Coninx opens confession: ‘It’s his child’

Ex-mistress Tom Coninx opens confession: ‘It’s his child’
Ex-mistress Tom Coninx opens confession: ‘It’s his child’

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from ex-sports anchor Tom Coninx. It seems to have quietly disappeared from the face of the earth. Dag Allemaal went looking for how Coninx is doing now and ended up in Italy.

However, not before airing the ex-presenter’s dirty laundry. In this way, the weekly magazine once again brings up the affairs that Coninx allegedly had. The highlight was with the Waregem café owner Djoeke Van Houcke. After all, he claims to have a child by Coninx. A few years ago she revealed that she was pregnant by him.

She met Coninx in a bar and the two became very close. Djoeke became pregnant, against Coninx’s wishes. “He wanted me to choose an abortion. He even sent his best friend to try to convince me. The child is definitely his, I have never had such contact with other men after my divorce.”


Now, several years later, Coninx is standing firm. “Apparently he has no interest in our daughter at all. Oh well, it’s not necessary for me, I have my plans. But I do feel very sorry for Axelle, hopefully she can get to know her father one day,” says Djoeke.

In the meantime, however, Coninx has a whole new life. One that mainly takes place outside Belgium. Father Alain Coninx knows how to tell this. “He is married to Luigia, the student from yesteryear (also an alleged affair, ed.) who is now a lawyer.”

“She also comes to Brussels often, so they are never away from each other for long. And they have had a son for a year and a half now. So Tom is doing very well,” it sounds.

The article is in Dutch

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