Striking: Marc Overmars in jail after incident?

Striking: Marc Overmars in jail after incident?
Striking: Marc Overmars in jail after incident?

His appointment caused a lot of commotion at the time, but in the meantime Marc Overmars managed to change the perception of his person. Antwerp’s director of football affairs hopes to quickly put his past behind him.

Overmars left Ajax more than a year and a half ago with his tail between his legs after several complaints were received about inappropriate behavior. In the aftermath of that affair, a disciplinary investigation was launched.

Overmars in the cell?

That procedure has now been completed, and so Overmars will soon know exactly what sanction awaits him. Previously there had been mention of a lifelong ban, which would only apply in his home country.

However, it is unlikely to stop there for the 50-year-old Dutchman, because according to… Gazette of Antwerp a prison sentence is also an option. After all, sending so-called dick pics unsolicited is a punishable offense.

Confidence from Gheysens

In theory, Overmars therefore risks having to spend a maximum of two months in prison, although community service seems more likely. Moreover, there are also precedents where perpetrators got away with a simple tap on the fingers.

We will certainly know the verdict within a few weeks. Regardless of the ruling, Paul Gheysens will still maintain confidence in Overmars, according to the newspaper. Even in the event of a conviction, departure from the Bosuil is therefore not an option.

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