‘Deila on the lookout: Club Brugge makes a decision about dismissal’

‘Deila on the lookout: Club Brugge makes a decision about dismissal’
‘Deila on the lookout: Club Brugge makes a decision about dismissal’

After the painful defeat against Union, things are getting warmer under Ronny Deila’s feet at Club Brugge. There is already a lot of speculation here and there about his dismissal. His position is gradually becoming untenable.

However, Bart Verhaeghe and Vincent Mannaert are not eager to change T1 again. After numerous trainers have recently been reviewed, they hoped to put an end to the musical chairs in the dugout with the arrival of Deila.

Deila’s credit is shrinking

Now that the results are once again disappointing, his fate also hangs in the balance. Although the Norwegian may say so The last news he will still sleep on both ears for the time being. After all, a dismissal would still not be an option at the moment.

Although it is not yet up for discussion, Deila must urgently find a solution to the current malaise. The newspaper notes how his credit is visibly starting to shrink not only among his own supporters, but also in the boardroom.

Ultimatum against Cercle?

The task is therefore to improve performance as quickly as possible, starting on Thursday against Lugano and especially next weekend against Cercle Brugge. If the outcome is wrong in the city derby, it could be the end of the story for Deila.

Given the high turnover of trainers, we can question the responsibility of the allegedly stubborn coach; if he does not improve quickly, Deila will sooner or later pay the price. Let’s wait and see if he can turn the tide.

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