‘Antwerp is disappointed and sees 9 million go up in smoke’

‘Antwerp is disappointed and sees 9 million go up in smoke’
‘Antwerp is disappointed and sees 9 million go up in smoke’

Calvin Stengs has been playing for the Dutch top club Feyenoord since this summer. The attacking pawn is currently doing excellently in Rotterdam and may therefore look forward to a nice transfer.

Stengs made the move to Feyenoord during the past transfer period after a season on loan at Royal Antwerp FC, which also showed interest in taking over the player permanently from OGC Nice. However, the Rotterdam team was quicker on the ball and brought the player in under the nose of the Great Old.

They will not have regretted that. Stengs is an important pawn this season in the Maasstad and scores and allows others to score. In 14 matches across all competitions, he has already scored 4 goals and 7 assists and has a foot in Feyenoord’s excellent Champions League campaign.

Stengs can go to the Premier League

According to Ekrem Konur, this has not gone unnoticed by the Premier League. According to the journalist, Stengs could move to England in January for 15 million euros. Konur does not mention which clubs exactly are interested.

Feyenoord can book a nice profit margin on Stengs

Feyenoord can perhaps expect a nice profit margin on Stengs, because the Rotterdammers themselves put ‘barely’ 6 million euros on the table. A simple calculation tells us that they can make a profit of 9 million euros.

Antwerp watches it with dismay and sees countless millions that it could possibly have made itself go up in smoke. And then we are not even talking about the added sporting value of Stengs.

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