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‘AA Gent wants to make a big impact on Ajax’

‘AA Gent wants to make a big impact on Ajax’
‘AA Gent wants to make a big impact on Ajax’

Ajax has always been a club that also had some Belgians under contract. The Amsterdammers now also have a number of them in the youth teams. Important times are coming for one of them.

Two years ago, Ajax took Stanis Idumbo Muzambo away from the AA Gent youth team. That transfer hit the Buffaloes hard. In recent years, the Belgian winger/attacking midfielder has continued to work on his development.

Ajax wants to keep Muzambo on board longer

The now 18-year-old Muzambo has already played five games for Jong Ajax this season, but due to injuries he has not yet been able to fully continue. Nevertheless, Ajax believes very much in the Belgian youth international.

Muzambo has an expiring contract with the Dutch top club. Ajax wants according to The Algemeen Dagblad break his contract, but the first proposal was refused. There is a chance that Muzambo will return to… AA Gent.

AA Gent wants to take him away from Ajax

The Buffaloes are fully committed to the return of the Belgian top talent. At Ajax they have to work hard to convince the young Belgian to stay in Amsterdam longer.

In addition to Muzambo, Ajax is also in danger of losing Gabriël Misehouy. Manchester City are keen to bring the youngster to England. At Ajax they have to act quickly, because from January 1 these players who have an expiring contract will be allowed to talk to other teams.

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