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Never seen ‘Samson & Gert’ and jumping over William Boeva: this was ‘The smartest person’

Never seen ‘Samson & Gert’ and jumping over William Boeva: this was ‘The smartest person’
Never seen ‘Samson & Gert’ and jumping over William Boeva: this was ‘The smartest person’

Wednesday evening’s winner:

Maureen Vanherberghen mentioned many keywords about the video of Lotte Kopecky and her victory in the Tour of Flanders, but not the right ones. Fien Germijns managed to score fifty points with the finish in ‘Oudenaarde’, which made her the winner of the evening.

The loser:

Maureen Vanherberghen was able to complete four of the five oil producing countries in just a few seconds, bringing Average Rob to 5 seconds. To play her home he had to give five correct answers. When asked what do you know about Nick Bril, he could only say restaurant, but that was not a keyword. Vanherberghen finishes it off with the correct answer: “star chef”.

The newcomer on Thursday:

Be careful, saboteur danger! Because there is “Commy van de mol”, or Comfort, who was the mole in the last season of the program.

The best quotes:

Erik Van Looy: “You’re 5’9, I believe?”

Average Rob: “I have apparently grown, 1 meter 71. I don’t know why.”

William Boeva: “Just FYI, how?”


Van Looy: “Have you ever met someone you know who turned out to be a jerk?”

Vanherberghen: “The only one I think of is Lil Kleine.”

Elias to Boeva: “Don’t take it personally”


Average Rob: “I was raised French-speaking, so I have never Samson & Gert seen.”

Public: “Oooooh!”

The most beautiful moment:

Average Rob doesn’t shy away from a challenge. Not even when jury member Pedro Elias asks him to jump over a medium-sized obstacle from a standstill. Although the other jury member, William Boeva, thinks differently. Because he already senses the mood. Still, he stands ready, while Rob positions himself, Fien Germijns anxiously averts his gaze and Maureen Vanherberghen stands ready to catch Rob if things go wrong. “Wait, don’t jump against his head with your scrotum,” Elias warns again. “I can’t promise that,” says Average Rob. “Then I’ll turn around,” jokes Boeva, who turns his face towards Rob again, only to change his mind just before the jump. A run, a seesaw and hop. Average Rob can cross something off his bucket list again: jumping over William Boeva ​​flawlessly.

The standings:

1. Alex Agnew (8 episodes)

2. Maureen Vanherberghen (5 episodes)

3. Elisabeth Lucie Baeten (3 episodes)

4. Soundos El Ahmadi (3 episodes)

5. Fien Germijns (3 episode)

In ‘Team Morning’ at Play Nostalgie you will hear a conversation with the dropout every day between 8 and 9 am.

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