Degryse praises seasoning RSCA: “Somewhat reminiscent of Nilis”

Degryse praises seasoning RSCA: “Somewhat reminiscent of Nilis”
Degryse praises seasoning RSCA: “Somewhat reminiscent of Nilis”

At RSC Anderlecht they were given the full brunt a month ago and Brian Riemer was even fired upon at times. Very little has been heard about this in recent weeks. RSCA is playing better and better.

In football all too often the issues of the day rule. Due to the enormous changes at Anderlecht, it was clear that the people of Brussels would need time to get up to speed. We also talked about Anderlecht’s ‘survival’ until the end of the mercato. Mainly take points to keep the peace.

Criticism of Dreyer has died down

That worked with brilliance. After the end of the mercato, Anderlecht is taking big steps forward in the way of playing football. As expected. Suddenly the criticism of Riemer has subsided after a few good halves and a very good match against OHL over 90 minutes.

Anders Dreyer is a player who has already received a lot of criticism. Indeed, he didn’t start the season great. Yet he is a player who always belongs in the starting line-up. A few weeks ago we labeled him as an ‘underrated player’. He is so decisive for this Anderlecht. On an offensive and defensive level. He was already good for 6 goals and 1 assist in 10 matches and actually it was 7 goals. His goal was wrongly disallowed at Standard.

Good transfer from Anderlecht

Since Dreyer arrived at Lotto Park in January, he has scored 11 goals and 5 assists in 30 games. Those are simply good numbers for a wing attacker. Marc Degryse was full of praise in the podcast four-zero now.

“He has a great kick. In that respect he reminds me a bit of Luc Nilis, who could do that with both feet. They don’t have to be in the match to be decisive,” said Degryse.

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