That will be nice: Antwerp easily beats Lierse, ex-player Oulare schlemiel with an unfortunate own goal | Croky Cup


A boost in difficult times for Antwerp. The cup holder did what he had to do against 1B club Lierse: win and build confidence. There is a little more breathing room with ‘The Great Old’.

LOOK. The goals from Lierse-Antwerp

These were not the nicest days at the Bosuil. The defeats have piled up a little too easily lately. Against Charleroi, Porto, Club Brugge… Then you don’t want to slide out in the cup on the field of a 1B club.

That message was clear and obvious. Antwerp dominated the opening quarter and quickly created opportunities. Ekkelenkamp had the net shaking after just four minutes, but De Laet was narrowly offside just before that. The same Ekkelenkamp headed wide two minutes later, and only a nice reflex from goalkeeper De Smet kept Vermeeren from scoring the opening goal. The urge to attack was rewarded. Ilenikhena – who kicked off instead of Janssen – brought Vermeeren’s cross back in front of goal, where Alderweireld fumbled the ball into the goal.

Antwerp partly owes itself to the fact that Lierse came back into the match. De Laet got the ball in his hand in the box, Van Acker did not fail from eleven meters. The Pallieters gained confidence and suddenly had the better of the game. Oulare – a very useful match from the striker – stabbed Schouterden deep, whose cross to Ocansey was only narrowly turned away by Alderweireld. The national champion under pressure.

Then injecting at the right time is important. Which Antwerp has not been able to do enough in recent weeks, but did do at the Lisp. And how! Muja cleverly rolled the ball for Ekkelenkamp, ​​who bounced it back in one go. The Albanian laid wide again for Ilenikhena, who put the 1-2 on the board. Still the third goal in four matches for the Nigerian. Applying for a basic position? Even before half time, De Laet gave Antwerp some more breathing space. He headed the 1-3 hard into the corner on a corner kick.


Game over? Still have to wait a little longer. Antwerp has often given away a lead in recent weeks, albeit at a slightly higher level. Once again, the champion did not come out of the dressing room sharp. Lammens had to do everything he could to keep Ocansey from scoring the tying goal. Van Bommel swore at times. Not unjustified. Only at 1-4, an unfortunate own goal by Oulare, did RAFC win the game. A victory that was very welcome after a series of hammer blows. The cup holder continues to cup.


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End of second half


Janssen kicks wide

Substitute Janssen is still looking for a goal. On a counterattack he tries with his right, his kick goes wide.


Horemans debut

A debutant at the ‘Great Old’. 17-year-old Milo Horemans makes his debut and replaces Ekkelenkamp.


Church on the ground

Substitute Church has been felled and remains down for a long time. The medical staff of Antwerp comes to the Dutchman’s aid. He can move on again.


Closing quarters

Another fifteen minutes of cup football at the Lisp and then the cup story ends for Lierse. In the meantime, Alderweireld, Muja and Balikwisha have been substituted at Antwerp.


Lammens in action

The Antwerp goalie must take action. Oulare can head, Lammens can clamp easily.


1-4 own goal Obbi Oulare

Now the match is completely decided. Oulare unfortunately heads the ball past his own goalkeeper. Antwerp has its sheep on dry land.



Alderweireld heads over and kicks at De Smet

The party ripples along a bit. Antwerp threatens with two corner kicks. Alderweireld heads over first. A few seconds later the captain hits De Smet.




Good move Ocansey, mediocre shot

Ocansey is looking forward to making something of it tonight. The striker sends Alderweireld into the woods and lashes out. The shot blows far over and wide.


Balikwisha blocked

There is Antwerp for the first time after the break. After recapturing the ball, Balikwisha is allowed to run. He wants to put the ball in the far corner, but Boone blocks.


Immediately Lierse

The ‘Great Old’ did not come out of the dressing room very well. Ocansey appears before Lammes, the latter wins the case.


Second half kicked off


End of first half

We are going to rest at the Lisp. Antwerp leads with a comfortable 1-3 lead. Will the ‘Great Old’ still get into trouble?


1-3 Ritchie De Laet

Match decided at the Lisp? Balikwisha paints a corner on De Laet’s head. The left back makes up for his penalty mistake and heads the 1-3 against the ropes.



1-2 George Ilenikhena

Beautiful goal from Antwerp. Vermeeren releases Ekkelenkamp, ​​who in one moment places Muja alone in front of goalkeeper De Smet. The Albanian is not selfish and offers Ilenikhena scores 1-2.



Better moment Lierse

The home team took courage from that equalizer. Antwerp needs to take a step back.


1-1 Thibaut Van Acker

The ex-Club Brugge player remains calmly face to face with Lammens and sends the Antwerp goalie to the wrong side. The Lisp explodes.

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Penalty for Lierse

Out of nowhere there is suddenly a penalty for Lierse. Van Acker shoots towards the goal, De Laet goes too wildly for the ball and hits it with his arm. Logical penalty.


Muja next

The danger continues to come from the visitors. Muja cuts inside and targets the short corner, the shot goes wide.

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