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Brother of actor Iwein Segers died on the way to Compostela after sunstroke: “My great example forever” (Leuven)

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Lander Segers (48), singer and brother of actor Iwein Segers, has died. He was on his way to Compostela on Saturday when he was felled by a sunstroke.

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Lander Segers was able to enjoy his trip to Compostela for just one day. On Friday he left from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port in France for a trip to the pilgrimage site in Spain. But on the way he mishandled himself in the bright sun. “Billions! Nice walk but felled by a sunstroke! Stupid!” he posted on Facebook Friday evening.

But things went wrong on Saturday. Lander left in the morning, but the sunstroke soon took its toll. He ended up in hospital, where he died that same day from an organ failure.

Lander’s family is shocked by the unexpected death. Lander was the son of Geert Segers, who was the voice of popular TV program for sixteen years Man bites dog interpreted. Actor and comedian Iwein Segers – Lander’s youngest brother – had sent his brother a message on Saturday morning to wish him a good trip. “Lander, my brother, hero and great example forever,” he wrote on Facebook.

Popular teacher

Older brother Lennert Segers, a journalist at Radio 2 Flemish Brabant, is badly affected. “We were informed on Sunday. It’s hard for me to grasp. I’m losing my youth, Lander and I’m only a year and a half apart. We care a bit awkwardly here for each other and for his children,” he responds. Lander was divorced years ago, but leaves behind two children, Warre (24) and Nette (22).

Lander was also a particularly beloved man in Leuven. As a teacher in primary school VBS Terbank in Heverlee, he was very popular with the children of the fourth grade. He was also singer at De last match by Ivan Lendl, with whom he created a crazy atmosphere at Tropiscala in Overijse two weeks ago. He also worked for many years in restaurant Via Via in Heverlee. Expressions of support immediately poured in from all sides on Monday.

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