Jade Linthoudt (18) is already a third-year medical student and will ride the World Junior Championships on Saturday: “You don’t need a high IQ to be able to read the race” (Ninove)

Jade Linthoudt from the East Flemish Appelterre will ride her World Cup with the girls juniors on Saturday night. Starting next week, the 18-year-old will once again be sitting on the university benches of the VUB as a third-year medical student. “You don’t need a high IQ to read the price.”

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Somewhat timid but at the same time mature in what and how she puts things into words. Jade Linthoudt is actually what she doesn’t want to be, someone with a remarkable story. “In primary school I was apparently an annoying child”, she begins her story. “Tests showed that I was gifted and consequently bored in class. I picked things up very quickly. If I saw something once, I knew it. How high was my IQ? That has been measured once and it was indeed high. I just have no idea how high (laughs). No, in the race I don’t think I benefit from my intelligence. The racing is becoming more and more tactical, also among the girls, but you really don’t need a high IQ to be able to read the race.”

Jade Linthoudt — © BELGA

At the time, the third and fourth grades were condensed into one year, the same for grades five and six. “I started with a two-year lead in the humanities and from then on I just stayed in my year. In fact, I didn’t even notice that I was two years younger. Why did I ultimately choose medicine? Gosh, I think it would be nice to help people, that’s something I want to do later. It is a beautiful but difficult study.”

And so Linthoudt entered the VUB at the age of sixteen. “I’m still on schedule there. I have already taken sixty credits. In the meantime, I have also completed two internships as a general practitioner and I spent two days in the emergency department of the UZ in Jette. It was quite stressful, but it worked out in the end. From the academic year that is now approaching, I will spread my points because I want to focus a little more on the race.”

Sport as an outlet

Giftedness often manifests itself at a younger age through boredom, in the absence of challenges. Sport turned out to be the ideal way to combat boredom. “I have always been sporty: first athletics, then karate. Cycling came later, but I have always had an outlet.”

Her fellow students two years older know that Linthoudt is also a cycling talent. “Definitely in my close circle of friends,” she says. “They support me and also understand that I can’t go out with them. I work at the VUB in the department of medicine and pharmacy. They support me very well, my top sports coordinator Koen De Brandt has already helped me enormously and I can ask him anything. The professors have always been very cooperative up to now. It’s really nice to be able to study like this. A good result would top it all off. It has been a long journey and a very beautiful experience. I won’t make it to the start of the academic year, next Monday, but it won’t arrive on that one day (laughs).”


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