Ex-Putin adviser threatens nuclear attack on West live on BBC radio

Ex-Putin adviser threatens nuclear attack on West live on BBC radio
Ex-Putin adviser threatens nuclear attack on West live on BBC radio

Sergei Markov, a former adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin, threatened on Wednesday that Russia is willing to extend the conflict with Ukraine to the West. Markov said live on BBC Radio 4 that Putin would be willing to use nuclear weapons against the Western world, especially the United Kingdom.

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Markov did not miss a moment of the interview to express the threatening language. After BBC Radio 4 presenter Justin Webb announced his guest and wished him good morning, the Russian said: “Good morning is relative. It’s not a good morning for everyone,” Markov began. “In Russia there is partial mobilization,” Markov referred to President Putin’s speech. “And for you British listeners, Vladimir Putin has said he will be ready to use nuclear weapons against Western countries, including Britain. Your cities will be a target.”

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Webb tried to clarify this and asked his interlocutor whether he believed that Putin threatened not only with the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine, but also with the start of “a general nuclear war that will kill everyone”. “Not everyone, but a lot of people in the western world,” Markov replied.

The Russian added that his country is not at war with Ukraine at all and that there is no reason to use nuclear weapons there. “The Ukrainians are our brothers.” Markov went on to say that nuclear war would be possible because of “the crazy behavior of US President Joe Biden and British Prime Ministers Boris Johnson and Liz Truss.”

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Listen to part of the interview below

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