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Today is World Alzheimer’s Day. The disease affects many people and is the most common form of dementia. Yet this brain disease still holds many secrets, for scientists, patients and for those who are confronted with it in their environment.

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Ten questions about Alzheimer’s: ‘A person’s lifestyle plays a bigger role than his predisposition’

Experts predict that the number of people with Alzheimer’s will rise explosively in the future. However, there is still a lot of uncertainty about the disease. Who is at risk for Alzheimer’s? Is it possible to heal? Can I have a conversation with an Alzheimer’s patient? Some Alzheimer’s experts shed light on ten questions about the disease.

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Should I point out to my confused mother her onset of dementia, or is it better to remain silent?

Elderly people with dementia often have trouble understanding their surroundings, they sometimes forget where they are or who they are sitting across from them. Do you have a duty as a neighbor to point this out to them, or is it better not to sow panic? “There are a lot of carers who struggle with this. But remember, every senior has their own life history and personality, so there’s no one way you should interact with someone.”

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‘I’m not concerned with what skills I will lose’: patients and their partners on young-onset dementia

In Flanders it is estimated that between 3,000 and 5,000 people are diagnosed with young-onset dementia. A vicious, but often overlooked brain disorder, about which there is still a lot of ignorance. The One program ‘Restaurant Misunderstanding’ tried to change that. “I’m not concerned with how much time I have left, and what skills I’ll lose.”

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Daniël De Baeck (61) learned three years ago that he suffers from a rare form of frontotemporal dementia. Statue Damon De Backer
Daniël De Baeck (61) learned three years ago that he suffers from a rare form of frontotemporal dementia.Statue Damon De Backer

‘My mother has been taking care of my demented father for years. Now she has met someone else. Is it okay that I’m happy for her?’

In our series ‘Raad der Wijzen’, philosopher Jean Paul Van Bendegem examines a letter to readers with an ethical issue: “As a caregiver, your mom has been making enormous efforts for years. That eats into a person.”

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Claude and John from ‘Restaurant Misunderstanding’: ‘After the diagnosis came the guilt: all the times I’d been angry, when he couldn’t do anything about it’

In ‘Restaurant Misverstand’, eight employees with young dementia stood behind the pots and in the room of Seppe Nobels’ pop-up restaurant of the same name. During this conversation, Claude (64) and John (46) also show us with unbridled enthusiasm that dementia is so much more than a faltering memory, but not nearly enough to just write them off.

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Restaurant Misunderstanding. Image VRT
Restaurant Misunderstanding.Image VRT

Fierce battle in Alzheimer’s research: Does the adult brain make new brain cells or not?

Can the adult brain still make new brain cells? The academic debate on this question is heated. The answer is therefore important for the treatment of Alzheimer’s.

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