Scholz: “Germany prepared to stop Russian gas supply” | Instagram VTM NEWS

Scholz: “Germany prepared to stop Russian gas supply” | Instagram VTM NEWS
Scholz: “Germany prepared to stop Russian gas supply” | Instagram VTM NEWS

Europe’s largest economy is heavily dependent on Russian gas imports. The current energy crisis is exacerbated as Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to restrict supplies in retaliation for sanctions linked to the war in Ukraine. The closing of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline is certainly being felt. Meanwhile, concerns are mounting that Germany could face a wave of bankruptcies as a result of the crisis.

“We saved gas. We are once again using the production capacity of coal-fired power plants. Early next year we will have the opportunity to use the remaining southern German nuclear power plants if necessary,” the chancellor said.

Still, the government’s energy commitment was questioned on Saturday. For example, the chairman of the Association of Cities and Municipalities, which represents 14,000 cities and municipalities in the country, stated that the country is at risk of an energy crisis. Gerd Landsberg spoke to the newspaper ‘Welt am Sonntag’, among other things, about the impact of a possible attack by hackers. He also pointed to the risk of grid overload if many households switch to electric heaters instead of gas heaters. “Germany has acknowledged that the situation is serious, but is not yet doing enough to prepare,” Landsberg told the newspaper.

Earlier this week, the German government was hit with plans to keep some nuclear power plants open as reserves. The plan, unveiled by Economy Minister Robert Habeck, was rejected by one of Germany’s nuclear power plant operators, who said it was “not technically feasible and therefore unsuitable”.

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