Live blog – Charles now officially king: “God save the king” sounds from balcony St James’s Palace, audience answers with “Hip hip hooray”

Live blog – Charles now officially king: “God save the king” sounds from balcony St James’s Palace, audience answers with “Hip hip hooray”
Live blog – Charles now officially king: “God save the king” sounds from balcony St James’s Palace, audience answers with “Hip hip hooray”

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King Charles has returned to Buckingham Palace

King Charles III, meanwhile, is back at Buckingham Palace, following the official proclamation of his kingship earlier this afternoon at St James’s Palace. On his arrival he was cheered by the masses at the palace. The king did not get out of his vehicle this time, but waved to the people.

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Charles is also proclaimed king at Royal Exchange

Also at the Royal Exchange in London it is officially announced that Charles is now the new king. This was also accompanied by the necessary symbols.

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Ivan Ollevier: “Coronation of Charles probably only sometime next year”

Charles is already officially king, but will probably only be officially crowned sometime next year, says VRT NWS journalist Ivan Ollevier. “Elizabeth II became queen in 1952 and her official coronation did not take place until 1.5 years later. There are some things that go with it. That is a very delicate and very large organization, so it will take some time. So probably King Charles won’t be crowned King of the United Kingdom until sometime next year.”


Garter King of Arms announces that Charles is officially king: “God save the king”

Eight members of the Life Guards musically announce the official announcement on the balcony.

The Garter King of Arms then officially declared on the balcony that Queen Elizabeth II has died and that Charles III is now king as a result. That announcement was followed by: “God save the king”. Then “God save the king” was also played by musicians, followed by applause from the audience and also sounded three times: “Hip hip hooray”.

This “news” is also being announced in other places in London and around the country. This was followed by festive cannon shots for the new king.

Watch the official announcement on the balcony:


King thanks everyone in speech for “abundant love and support”

In his speech, Charles III thanked everyone for their “abundant love and support” and stated that he would follow Queen Elizabeth’s example of “a lifelong and selfless service”.

King Charles spoke of the “great legacy” he will have now that he must succeed Queen Elizabeth II. “My mother’s reign was unprecedented in both duration and dedication,” he said.

Watch the speech and the swearing-in of King Charles here:

Charles also mentioned the “inspiring example” that Queen Elizabeth’s reign set. “I am deeply aware of the great legacy and the duties and duties that have been transferred to me,” Charles stressed. “Now that these fall to me, I will strive to follow the example that has been set.”

After the swearing in, the new king has a busy schedule. For example, the Archbishop of Canterbury comes by for an audience, as does Prime Minister Liz Truss. This is followed by representatives of the opposition and the dean of Westminster.



Elizabeth II funeral date will be a public holiday

King Charles III also signed an order this morning to declare the date of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral a public holiday.

It is not yet clear when the queen will be buried. British media are provisionally assuming that the funeral will take place on Monday 19 September. For now, no official information about this has been communicated by Buckingham Palace.


Check out the photos of Crown Prince William and Queen Consort Camilla signing the official documents:


King Charles to chair Privy Council for the first time

King Charles III will now chair for the first time the Privy Council, the Crown Council, a centuries-old advisory body to the King.

“He will also take an oath there,” explains VRT NWS journalist Ivan Ollevier. “In Scotland there is a separation between church and state. He takes that oath to indicate that he will respect that separation.”


This is an age-old tradition, over 1,000 years old, as old as the English monarchy

Ivan Ollevier, VRT NWS journalist


Accession Council comes together

The Accession Council, a group made up of members of the Royal Family, Prime Minister Liz Truss (and ex-Prime Ministers such as Boris Johnson and Theresa May), (ex) MPs and the Archbishop of Canterbury, is currently meeting in St James’s Palace, to officially proclaim Charles king. In the first part of the meeting, in which the death of the Queen is also confirmed, Charles himself is not present.

Soon David Vines White, Garter King of Arms, will officially announce that Charles is king on the balcony overlooking the Friary Court.

From left to right: Sir Keir Starmer (Labour) and former Prime Ministers Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Boris Johnson, David Cameron, Theresa May and John Major.

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