Why Bart De Pauw was jealous of Peter Van de Veire

Why Bart De Pauw was jealous of Peter Van de Veire
Why Bart De Pauw was jealous of Peter Van de Veire

Like Bart de Pauw, Peter Van De Veire was discredited, but immediately struck a mea culpa through the channels of the public broadcaster. — © Olivier Matthys / Dirk Vertommen

Bart De Pauw does not accept that radio presenter Peter Van de Veire (50) did have the opportunity to defend himself publicly “on the channels of the public broadcaster”. This is apparent from the notice of default that De Pauw’s lawyer sent to the public broadcaster VRT.

Van de Veire was discredited in September 2020 in the Eveline affair, in which several BVs fell into the trap and sent sexual videos of themselves. In his notice of default, De Pauw speaks of “unanistic recordings”.

“The VRT has allowed public funds to be used for this highly personal matter, and has also actively participated in this. It is illustrative of how the VRT uses its own public resources to defend its own interests,” writes his lawyer Stijn Verbist.

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Within the VRT, the difference in understanding of debt between the two is pointed out.

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