Visiting Thibaut Courtois, who supports Evenepoel in Madrid: “So nice to follow” | Vuelta

Visiting Thibaut Courtois, who supports Evenepoel in Madrid: “So nice to follow” | Vuelta
Visiting Thibaut Courtois, who supports Evenepoel in Madrid: “So nice to follow” | Vuelta

Both world top in their sport. Then the mutual respect is great. Thibaut Courtois hopes to see Remco Evenepoel triumph in his home city of Madrid on Sunday. The Red Devil received our reporter Sammy Neyrinck today for a tribute to his younger compatriot. “Hats off to the world top players in the Vuelta, hats off.”

“I hope I get a question about that Belgian who won the Vuelta.

Thibaut Courtois supports Remco Evenepoel in the Vuelta from Madrid. Our national number 1 is a lover of many sports. “From tennis to cyclocross, my fiancé sometimes gives me underfoot that I should turn off the sports channel on my TV.”

Nevertheless, the sports channel was allowed to remain open a little longer at the Courtois house in recent weeks.

“I followed the Vuelta as closely as possible,” says Courtois, who received our reporter Sammy Neyrinck at home in Madrid. “Unless I was taking a siesta before a match, the first thing I did when I woke up was to check Sporza to see how Remco had done that day.”

“What he shows in the Vuelta is incredible. It’s so nice to see that he is the absolute best to chatter has given. That’s punishment.”

The admiration for his young compatriot is great. “As an athlete you look up to other top athletes who get results.”

And the Real Madrid goalkeeper likes to let him know that personally. “Remco and I occasionally send a message on Instagram. I congratulate him after a stage. And he then asks me a question about a football match. The football player in Remco is still very interested in the Champions League.”

“My admiration for him has only grown. When he sends me to train in Tenerife, I know that it is only to blow up the Teide alone. Then you realize that the sacrifices of cyclists are often even higher than those of football players.’

I think I have to win the World Cup to overtake those two toppers for the Belgian Sportgala

Thibaut Courtois

Game recognizes game. It is already certain that it will be a top year in Belgian sport.

Courtois won the title, the Supercup and the Champions League, but will soon face cycling phenomena Wout van Aert and Remco Evenepoel in the Sportgala.

“I think I have to win the World Cup to overtake those two toppers, I’m afraid. What they have done this year is unbelievable. I can only take my hat off to that.”

Brake fever from Brussels to Madrid

Belgium will therefore become redder and redder in the coming days. This time not for the Red Devils. But Courtois wholeheartedly wishes his colleague that.

“I hope he will also get a nice ovation in Belgium when the time comes. Then I hope that Belgium will continue to color red from now in September to December.”

Remco is even known at Real by certain physiotherapists.

Thibaut Courtois

The Remcoorts can be felt as far as Spain. “It lives among the Spaniards, who are crazy about cycling. If Remco wins the Vuelta, it will be visible everywhere in the streets.”

The young Belgian is also a topic of conversation in the Bernabéu. Even when Courtois’ muscles are thrown loose on the massage table. “Remco is even known here by certain physiotherapists with us, who follow the course.”

“And of course also by Eden, who is also a fan.”

What a beautiful picture it would make. Eden Hazard and Thibaut Courtois who, after the win against Mallorca this weekend, are not talking about Hazard’s second goal, but about Evenepoel’s Vuelta victory.

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