our signal to frantically claw for the remote

our signal to frantically claw for the remote
our signal to frantically claw for the remote

What can a person actually say? That hopelessly chewed-up question was the hottest topic during the first episode of The table of four. A new Play4 talk show by Gert Verhulst that seems to be aimed at a market segment that we would dare to call Jan and everyone, unimpeded by detail.

Margriet Hermans – Elckerlyc with a compulsive roar – was the first to join Verhulst. Inviting only Koen Crucke and Jaak Pijpen, our palms soon started to sweat, and Say uh! could be revived at any moment. A memento that not everything was better in the past. The theme word, which Margriet was allowed to babble around this time without saying “uh”, was “woke”. Enough reason for Gertje’s joke to serve her a plate of marshmallows: “I still call that n*g*r*nn*ntetten”, Margriet gibbered directly from the lower abdomen.

The tone was immediately set for a program in which Verhulst seemed to feverishly want to find out what is really going on in the heffe des people. With such a discussion about woke nam The table of four in any case a pioneering role in itself for anyone who has been living under a rock for a quarter of a century, has stuck in the Dender region or has been buzzing since time immemorial. The appointment is built from extreme left-wing gatherings and indoctrination of a state broadcaster. Not so with Gertje, millionaire of the people: bar talk happily reigned supreme at The table of four.

Admittedly: during the first table conversation, specialist Dieter Jong made the energy crisis so comprehensible that young viewers were probably less likely to claw at the remote control. With crime reporter John Van den Heuvel, a banal tree was set up about the “mocro-mafia”. It seems to us that a term that is generally used with more trepidation on this side of the moerdijk. Not so with that one straight shooters from Play4! The conversation turned to retaliation with burning cars and assassination attempts. On which Verhulst showed surveillance images of our native mafia: you saw a crooked ramshackle on his bicycle after it had dumped some fireworks under a car. Scarface, it ain’t. Bored also noted: Gert once tripped balls on space cake, and Margriet once went on LSD for twelve hours.

After that, of course, the conversation immediately had to go back to that one tricky issue. Judging by the increasingly uncomfortable look of “woke spokesman” Raf Njotea, the screenwriter seemed to be called up as a Chinese volunteer. “How can I know that I can’t say n*g*r?” the Studio 100 mogul asked him, while using the same word uncensored. An old Samson fragment was also scraped from the safe of the Staatszender, in which blackface and an afro wig shared the shadowy lead role. “You even look a bit like Stan the Discoman”, Gertje joked to Njotea afterwards. Our signal to frantically claw for the remote.

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