Judge asks independent arbitrator to look into impounded Trump documents | Abroad

Judge asks independent arbitrator to look into impounded Trump documents | Abroad
Judge asks independent arbitrator to look into impounded Trump documents | Abroad

In the United States, Judge Aileen Cannon on Monday granted a request from Donald Trump’s legal team to appoint an independent arbitrator to review documents seized by the FBI on Aug. 8 during the raid on Trump’s Mar-a-a resort. -Lake in Florida.

Trump is said to have taken thousands of documents with him when he left the White House, including top secret documents. He refused to answer repeated requests to return them. The judiciary is investigating whether he has thereby violated the law, in particular that concerning espionage.

The former president calls it a politically motivated “witch hunt” and asked for an independent arbitrator through the court. The US Department of Justice did not consider the appointment necessary, especially since the investigators have already completed their review of the documents. In addition, the ministry argued that some issues could seriously harm government interests, including national security.

Delay Maneuver

The judge who approved Trump’s request was appointed by Trump himself in 2020 as a judge in the state of Florida. The US Department of Justice will now have to temporarily stop the criminal investigation of the documents, US media, including CNN, report. But investigators may continue to examine the documents “for classification purposes and national security assessments,” the federal magistrate’s ruling said.

However, observers believe that the deceleration maneuver will not affect the outcome of the investigation. Trump’s lawyers and the Department of Justice must submit a list of possible independent arbitrators by Friday at the latest. In addition, the parties must also agree on the arbitrator’s “duties and limitations,” how he or she will be compensated for the work, and a timetable for when the investigation must be completed.

“The precise details and mechanisms of this review process will be decided promptly upon receipt of the parties’ proposals,” Cannon wrote in her statement Monday. If the parties do not agree, they will have to submit the disputes to the court.

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