E313 in Ranst free after almost five hours after collision with three trucks: driver in mortal danger (Ranst)

Ranst, Herentals

The evening rush hour on the E313 from Antwerp to Liège was very difficult on Monday. The highway was completely closed in Ranst around 5.45 pm due to a collision with three trucks. A driver was trapped in his cab and was taken to hospital in critical condition. Nearly five hours later, the accident was resolved and the lane was reopened. Earlier, the road in Herentals was temporarily blocked by a truck that was in scissors.

The accident happened around 5.45 pm on the E313, near Ranst. A tanker and a truck with a concrete mixer collided with another truck. The driver of the truck with concrete mixer was trapped in his cabin and was able to be freed with the help of the fire brigade and a tow truck. He was taken to hospital in life-threatening condition.

Due to the incident, the highway to Hasselt was completely blocked for hours, resulting in lengthy traffic jams. The roadway was reopened at 10:35 p.m.



Truck in scissors

Around 4 p.m., the E313 was also partially blocked by another accident, near Herentals. A lorry came into scissors due to a blowout. The towing works were very complex, the traffic center advised drivers who wanted to go from Ghent to Hasselt to drive via Brussels.Around 6.30 pm the road was reopened in Herentals.

Due to a blowout, the truck came to a standstill on the E313, near Herentals.

Due to a blowout, the truck came to a standstill on the E313, near Herentals. — © rr

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