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It was allowed to advance in the first episode of the new season of ‘Blind Married’. Two marriages were completely settled in 73 minutes. And we ran through a pack of handkerchiefs. Because seeing four ordinary Flemish people, until now completely unknown, take the step of their lives and see how they themselves, but also their dad, mom, brothers, sisters and friends react emotionally to it, that does something to a viewer.

The first episodes of ‘Blind Married’ invariably contain the fiercest emo moments and that was no different this time. The moment the candidates hear that they are getting married is and remains a haunting moment. But the images are just as emotional as the lucky ones announce to their family and friends that they are getting married. Those real moments of emotion, of happiness, of surprise, of amazement, of emotion are incomparable.

Lessons learned

The makers have clearly learned lessons from the previous seasons. And so we went for people with life experience, with a not bad background and a good professional profile. The youngest married person is 27 years old, the oldest 36. Six of the eight married people are thirty or younger. The lucky ones are two emergency nurses, a teacher and a nanny, a senior research manager, a field sales manager, a business manager and a ‘swan’, a Federal Police inspector.

That choice is probably not accidental. No over-50s this season. No recent graduates. No candidates with a secret wish to become a BV via ‘Blind Married’. No participants who have heard what ‘Blind Married’ is somewhere in the distance. Recognizable and ordinary Flemish people, who could be your neighbour, who are well and truly in life and believe that you cannot only find the partner of your life through Tinder.

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Bridging distance may or will not be a real problem this year. Brecht lives in Ghent. His ‘new’ husband in Antwerp, in the shadow of the MAS. Between them the admittedly very annoying E-19 with the well-known Kennedy tunnel, but otherwise only 60 kilometers away. Florence lives in Hoboken, Jiri in Malle. Only 37 kilometers apart, but with the Antwerp Ring as a spicy jammer.


The makers of ‘Blind married’ have made some adjustments after six seasons and a year full of corona miseries. Just before the summer period, they got married on one day. The four couples can therefore fully experience their experiment in the full summer. And because all corona restrictions were being overhauled, it was decided not to party four times separately, but to throw one big party for the four couples together.

And then there is the pleasant presence of the ever optimistic Ingeborg. She will soon be allowed to play a kind of master of ceremonies at the grand wedding party in her own way, whether or not to the sounds of her earwig ‘Gratitude’, and later on she will also listen to the concerns and groans of the newly married couples. An added value in ‘Blind Married’, to be sure.

For the time being, after more than seventy minutes of ‘Blind Marriage’, two couples have been matched and married. Our first report:

Florence and Jiri: “There is a brake”

She is all set to start a family and have children. He has had a serious breakup. And it remains unclear for the time being whether he can and wants to throw himself into a new relationship. The experts want to give him that chance.

She, that is Florence Vandoor (29) from Hoboken, and at first sight a ‘poppemic’. Appearances can be deceiving here, however, because Florence is an emergency nurse at UZ Antwerp, where she also regularly gets behind the wheel of the MUG. She built her own house at home. Not bad for a ‘poppemic’ either. However, the ‘Blind Married’ specialists immediately warn the viewer. “She is very strong professionally, but relationally questionable. There’s a brake on it. It will have to go step by step.”

And then there is Jiri Punt, the 36-year-old inspector at the Federal Police, from Lennik, a good match. Good looking guy, stable, reliable and caring. But after a serious breakup. Florence will in any case have her job to give the interior at Jiri a somewhat fresher look. Now it doesn’t look real. Open suitcase in the corner of the living room, beamer behind the sofa, where there is a sheet. Cozy is different. Nevertheless, Ingeborg is very positive. “I get a bit of a noble feeling. A prince and a princess. She certainly doesn’t need a macho,” it sounds. The wedding ceremony goes perfectly. The two say yes, kiss each other on the mouth and go out hand in hand.

Brecht and Dziubi: And then lightning struck…


Last season it was quick and easy between Candice and Marijn, but not nearly as instant as now with the ‘cuddly couple’ Brecht and Dziubi. It was as if lightning had struck in Ghent in the garden of the Sint Pietersabdsij in Ghent. It didn’t take the two of them ten seconds to come to the conclusion that they were born for each other. And with some luck they were brought together by science and by VTM.

Honestly, when we first heard Brecht’s voice, we were shocked. Not exactly the softest voice. And perhaps a stumbling block for a partner. But that minor caveat instantly disappeared when we watched Dziubi fall unconditionally for his much smaller husband. And that the reverse was also immediately price. We will also keep it a coincidence, but it was a nice bonus that Brecht and Dziubi found a ‘copy paste’ wedding suit at the Ghent fashion store ‘Lost in Pablos’. Green, with brown suspenders, shiny brown shoes, bow ties.

As unfortunately happens far too often, Brecht was bullied and had a hard time with his coming out, in 2015. “I ate my sorrow with sandwiches with Nutella”, he makes clear. After his outing, Brecht was ready for life. “I am who I am and no one else has anything to say about it,” he makes clear.

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Brecht is linked to Dziubi Steenbergen, the man with the most impossible first name. He owes this to Polish footballer Thomas Dziubinski, who once played for Bruges and scored a goal at a time when mom and dad were desperately looking for a first name for their upcoming offspring. So it became Dziubi. Dziubi was also bullied, is insecure in relationships, but is so amiable that you cannot be or become angry with him. And after lightning strikes, the two say ‘yes’ for life, they kiss each other sincerely on the lips. The beginning of what is guaranteed to be a beautiful story.

Are not married yet

After one episode, four of the eight people who want to marry are already effectively married. In episode two, it’s the turn of the four remaining. We match the couples based on their place of residence.

Christiaan Graulus, 28 years old, living in Geel (Antwerp) with emergency nurse Jana De Bosscher, 29 years old, living in Lokeren (East Flanders), kindergarten teacher. Between them is a distance of 83 kilometers with both the Antwerp Ring and the Kennedytunnel.

Joren Dumont, 36 years old, from Lennik (Flemish Brabant) and Field sales manager with Lien Opdebeeck, 30 years old, from Aarschot (Flemish Brabant), independent manager of a coffee and tea bar. Between them there is a gap of 70 kilometers, but with that devilish Brussels Ring.


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