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The Ghent company Mealhero has filed for bankruptcy. The company is now trying to find a buyer. Mealhero supplies food boxes, of which you can defrost the ingredients in a special steamer. The company’s thousands of customers have not yet been officially notified.

Panic in Mealhero’s Facebook group. Customers who ordered a food box did not receive it. And the new customer payment page on the company’s website has been down for several days. It reads: “It is not possible to start your meal plan. We are working hard to resolve this as soon as possible!”

The message on the Mealhero website for new customers. © Mealhero


It’s mostly wrong that they don’t let users know

Customer of Mealhero

What many users feared turns out to be true: Mealhero filed for bankruptcy on August 31. “I haven’t been able to order for two weeks,” says a customer on Facebook. Another was able to place an order but received nothing: “Maybe that’s why they didn’t deliver to me today, and it was also our first time ordering from them”.

“It’s especially wrong that they don’t let anyone know,” a loyal customer tells us. “In the meantime, I have stopped all my direct debit so that they can no longer take money from my account. We don’t know anything about the rest.”

Auction company VH Auctions is looking for a buyer for the trading fund of Mealhero. © VH Auctions

Jeroen Spitaels, CEO of Mealhero, confirms excitedly that his company is in trouble, but refers to the curator: “The priority for me is the customers. I especially feel sorry for them. And we want to do everything we can to find a solution for that. But everything is now in the good care of the curator.”

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