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Uproar in iPhone lineup

Apple tried it for two years, but they never caught on. Don’t expect an iPhone 14 Mini this year. According to analysts, the relatively compact models with a 5.4 inch screen were never really popular.

Instead, the rumors point to an iPhone 14 Plus, which will be placed next to the “regular” iPhone 14. It should have a 6.7-inch screen, according to technology journalist Mark Gurman of Bloomberg news agency. In summary, an iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro of 6.1 inches as smaller smartphones, with the iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 14 Pro Max with a screen of 6.7 inches.

Pro smartphones more pro than ever before

Journalists who read the leaves in the apple tea expect that there will be more difference between the “regular” and Pro iPhones. For example, the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max would get a new and faster processor, while that will not be the case with the other two new smartphones.

Those two smartphones will also get new selfie cameras. The sensors for FaceID facial recognition have been made smaller. As a result, there is no longer a ‘notch’, but probably rather a pill-shaped recess at the top of the screen. That writes specialized website MacRumors and is confirmed by Bloomberg journalist Gurman.

On the left you can see how much space the cameras really take up, on the right how it will look when the screen is active. © MacRumors

That screen will also have a feature to stay on all the time without using too much battery. For example, you will be able to see the time without having to light up your entire smartphone. A feature that has obviously been around for a while on Android phones.

At the back of the iPhones Pro, the main camera will almost certainly get a major upgrade from 12 megapixels to 48. This makes recordings in 8K resolution possible. The other cameras will also get better, but the differences seem to be getting smaller.

Will there be a price increase for the iPhone?

With the exception of 2018, the cheapest new iPhone costs 809 euros each according to Apple’s suggested retail price. That year, in addition to the iPhone 8, Apple also introduced the iPhone X at 1,159 euros at that price. It was not only leading for the design of the next five years, but also for the price point. That has remained stable with the iPhone Xs and also with the Pro models from the past three years.

Rumor has it that not only the range of iPhones is being shaken up, but also the price points. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted in August that the average selling price would be fifteen percent higher than last year.

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One of the biggest question marks is which models will become more expensive and by how many tens of euros? Will Apple keep a smartphone around 810 euros with the iPhone 14 and will the expected iPhone 14 Max be one of around 910 euros? Or will the latter exceed the EUR 1,000 mark? And what about the Pro models: are they all fifty euros more expensive, as Samsung did with the Galaxy Z Flip 4?

Sales are expected to officially start on September 16.

In addition to updating Apple Watch, also Pro and SE models

Like every year, we get new Apple Watches. The Series 8 will obviously be an improvement on last year’s Series 7, but don’t expect any groundbreaking innovations. The starting price of last year’s smartwatches was 429 euros.

More interesting is the all-new Pro version of the Apple Watch. It would be designed for the group of users who participate in extreme sports and would therefore like to use a more robust smartwatch. According to slightly less reliable rumors, this new model would even have an extra physical button. That could make the Apple Watch Pro easy to use during, for example, mountain climbing.

A case that shows a place for an extra physical button on the Apple Watch Pro. © MacRumors

A new Apple Watch SE would also be on display at Wednesday’s Apple Event. This is a cheaper variant that also has fewer functions and therefore serves as an entry-level model. The previous version of these smartphones was announced two years ago at a suggested retail price of 299 euros, so this year would be an ideal time for an update.

New wireless earphones

Most likely at the end of the two-hour press conference, Apple will show an update for the AirPods Pro. The current version is now two years old. The active noise cancellation will remain, but Apple wants to do more in terms of fitness with the ears, according to Gurman. For example, new sensors would be built in that can help track your workouts.

Apple also tested a version of the ears without the typical sticks at the bottom, according to the Bloomberg journalist. Whether they will be completely eliminated is still a question mark. It seems pretty certain that the box of the new AirPods Pro can be charged with a USB-C cable.

You will be able to follow live in the HLN app or on our website what the prices of the new iPhones will be and what other products Apple will propose. We’ll be broadcasting the event from 7 p.m., with a live blog for lightning-fast analysis of the news.

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