Man shoots with air gun at loitering youths and police officers (Kortenberg)

Man shoots with air gun at loitering youths and police officers (Kortenberg)
Man shoots with air gun at loitering youths and police officers (Kortenberg)

The incident happened in the Louis Andriesstraat in Meerbeek. — © google


At the site of youth center Den Aap, located in the Louis Andriesstraat in Meerbeek (Kortenberg), an incident that got out of hand took place on Sunday evening around 8.45 pm. A man shot loitering youths with an air gun. When the police arrived, he also fired the weapon at several officers.

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“A man would have had a fight with some young people, and so a fight took place,” says Sarah Callewaert of the Leuven public prosecutor’s office. “As a result, the man would have fired a weapon into the air. When the police arrived, the man became unruly and his son intervened. The man then fired an air gun at the police, and the bang may have caused the officers to have hearing damage. The man and his son have been arrested and are being deprived of their liberty pending further investigation,” Callewaert said. All interrogations have yet to take place during the day.

Additional measures

The police and municipal authorities have not yet received any reports. “In any case, I have not received any complaints,” says Mayor Alexandra Thienpont (CD&V). “A few months ago, our police services did receive some reports of youth loitering at the covered shelter at the cemetery, but that has been several months now. The police then carried out extra checks there, and it was always quiet. The cause of the escalation should now be further investigated, but it is very unfortunate that two officers were injured in the incident. We are waiting for the results of the investigation before we consider additional measures,” concludes the mayor.

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