The conclusion after one episode of ‘Chantal’: more crazy than genius

The conclusion after one episode of ‘Chantal’: more crazy than genius
The conclusion after one episode of ‘Chantal’: more crazy than genius

Elmo Lê van sets the gaze to infinity. Today: Chantal.

Elmo Le vanSeptember 5, 202203:00

It is with spin-offs as with the 100 meter hurdles: once in a while the record is set, an achievement for which even the competitors have a standing ovation. Chantala branch of Home-grownis unlucky to appear in the year that Better Call Saul gave a masterclass in spin-offs and set the bar so high that any new series based on an existing series now seems mediocre.

If it’s not about energy bills at the cafe, the canceled episodes of FC the champions or Goldband, someone will argue that Breaking Bad-prequel Better Call Saul, is “the best series ever”. And rightly so, of course. With further also House of the Dragon and The Rings of Power spin-offs seem to be in vogue, I learned through the gazettes. Also in Belgium, usually following the facts, people jump on the fictional phenomenon.

After the coarse-mouthed Brabant folk hero Ferry Bouman Undercover got his own film and a full-fledged series about Frank Lammers’ character was subsequently announced, One now loses Chantalnamed after the second most skilled Chantal that the VRT has ever produced: Chantal Vantomme, the cop who Home-grown was a regular at home with the weed farmer family Welvaert.

In the battle for the Sunday night viewer, One posts it Home-growncharacter of Maaike Cafmeyer at the front. In Chantal she will work as coordinator of the Loveringem district commissioner in the westernmost police zone of the country. Chantal was billed as “a police series with a (West) corner”. At the Reyerslaan, a copywriter very emphatically asks for his resignation, but let it be a consolation that the first episode was better than the pun.

Chantal is a skittles course disguised as a fictional series. Maaike Cafmeyer skilfully slaloms between the sexist slap, short-sightedness and laziness of her cop colleagues in a cop series that is more uncles then witse is. The starting point is the murder of Daisy III, “the Miss Belgium of the poodles”, which translates into absurdist and funny (but also silly) humor, although it is mainly looking forward to which strange places the twists of creator Mathias Sercu will still be. lead.

Piet De Praitere and Janne Desmet are phenomenal as the village margins of Loveringem, newcomer Anna-Marie Missoul who plays Chantal’s daughter has a great career ahead, and then it is not yet known in what guise Wim Opbrouck and Robrecht Vanden Thoren will show up. The conclusion after one episode of Chantal: more crazy than genius, with a plot twist at the end that makes you long for more.

Chantalevery Sunday at 9 p.m. on One.

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