Adobe is working on an app for professional photographers

Adobe is working on an app for professional photographers
Adobe is working on an app for professional photographers

Software company Adobe is working on a camera application with AI for professional and demanding photographers.

The new application that Adobe is working on aims to take photos with a smartphone to a new and of course higher level. The app will link technological gadgets from smartphones to the expectations of professional and creatively demanding users. Adobe expects the app to roll out within one to two years.

In dialogue with photographer

With the app, Adobe is not aiming for the everyday user who wants to quickly take a picture of, say, a horse in a meadow. The creative software giant is building the new application for photographers who want to put more time and effort into an image. With this, Adobe is targeting users of their popular software Photoshop and Lightroom.

Many camera apps already have more extensive functions on smartphones. Even Adobe has a program that comes close with the Lightroom Mobile app. However, the new app will go a long way. With the new application, Adobe wants to initiate a dialogue between the photographer and the app in order to arrive at the desired shot.

“This app offers countless possibilities,” says Marc Levoy of Adobe. He headed the team that developed the Pixel camera app for Google. In 2020 Levoy will make the switch to Adobe to help realize this app. “With this app, we are going completely down the road of computational photography. There is so much possible with this technique.”

Most important features

Adobe has not yet released all the features of the new app. It is clear that AI will play an important role. “AI can solve many irritating problems. Just think of an annoying reflection from a window or too large a shadow on a face”, says Levoy. In addition to eliminating inconveniences, the CEO expects the new app to open doors via super resolution to do better photo editing.

Furthermore, the app will most likely make it possible to merge different photos into one digital montage. Something that Google already tried, but which often led to bizarre creations due to errors in the program. A mix of real and virtual images, such as OpenAI’s DALL-E, is also possible. Adobe is also working on an application where the photos will adapt to the screen on which they are shown.

Levoy expects a lot from computational video, which can work in the same way as photo. “The possibilities for video have hardly been tested. However, it offers many possibilities. Just look at TikTok and other examples. Video is becoming increasingly important,” says Levoy, who likes to look at an equivalent of Google’s Pixel Magic Eraser.

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