Father and son are tired of loitering youngsters and scare them off with bird repellent cannon | Kortenberg

MeerbeekIn the Louis Andriesstraat in Meerbeek (Kortenberg), a dispute between a few young people and a farming family has gotten completely out of hand. The father and son of the family were tired of the youngsters and found nothing better than to shoot them with a cannon to scare off birds. Two officers also had to pay for it afterwards.

The incidents took place around 9 p.m. on Sunday evening. The police of the Herent-Kortenberg zone received a call about a shooting near youth center Den Aap. Fortunately, it soon became apparent that there was no real live shot.

The youth center itself was closed, but a few young people still hung out on and on the terrace. This had been happening all summer long and a father and son from a farmer’s family from the neighborhood were now more than tired of it.

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At least two officers sustained (temporary) hearing damage in the incident. © Robby Dierickx

According to witnesses, father and son rushed towards the group of young people and first tried to chase them away with verbal aggression. When that didn’t work, they turned on a cannon normally used to scare away birds. Such a ‘weapon’ does not fire projectiles, but does make a hell of a noise.

When the officers arrived en masse, a second incident followed, the details of which are not clear. It is certain that two officers suffered temporary hearing damage. It could not be confirmed whether the cannon was fired again.

Father and son were arrested for questioning. In the meantime, the board of the youth house distances itself from the loitering youth. The youth center was not open on Sunday.

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The police at the scene. © Robby Dierickx
© Bulbs

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