Airplane crashes in Baltic Sea, no trace of occupants

Airplane crashes in Baltic Sea, no trace of occupants
Airplane crashes in Baltic Sea, no trace of occupants

On Sunday, a Cessna plane from Spain crashed in the Baltic Sea near Latvia. Because all contact with the pilot had been lost, several neighboring countries sent jets into the air to check the situation.

At 2:56 pm an Austrian-registered Cessna 551 took off at Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, with Cologne as its final destination. There would have been four people on board. According to the German newspaper pictureit would be a pilot, a man, a woman and her daughter.

Near Paris, according to Reuters The plane changed direction, to turn around again near Cologne and then set course over Sweden to the Baltic States. According to the French Air Force, the aircraft also passed in Belgian and Luxembourg airspace.

At 7:37 p.m., the plane quickly lost speed and altitude due to lack of fuel. At 7:44 p.m. it had disappeared from the radar. The Cessna eventually crashed into the Baltic Sea northwest of the Latvian town of Ventspils. The Swedish Coast Guard has sent rescue planes, boats and a helicopter to the crash site. Debris from the plane has been spotted, but no trace of the occupants has yet been found.

Before the crash, NATO fighter planes had taken off from Estonia to track the aircraft. Fighter planes had also taken off in Germany and Spain to take a look. In France there would also have been a ‘scramble’. “Efforts to establish radio contact were fruitless and visual contact could not detect activity in the cockpit,” the French Air Force said in a press release. When the plane disappeared from radar, it was followed by a Danish fighter plane.

The pilot may have passed out. Still according to picture pressure problems in the cabin were reported from the Cessna shortly after takeoff. Once past the Iberian Peninsula, contact was lost.

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