Jens Dendoncker and Lauren Versnick split up | Instagram HLN

Jens Dendoncker and Lauren Versnick split up | Instagram HLN
Jens Dendoncker and Lauren Versnick split up | Instagram HLN

BVThe fairy tale between presenter Jens Dendoncker (32) and actress/producer Lauren Versnick (28) is over. The two have decided to part ways, they announced on Instagram. “After four beautiful, and at times intense, years, we have decided to go our separate ways”, it sounds.

“Love comes in many guises. Daring to let go of each other in order to grow is part of that. We do that in friendship and with respect for each other,” it sounds on both their Instagram accounts. “We remain each other’s most loyal supporters and biggest fans in all areas.”

Dendoncker and Versnick, Lynn Wesenbeek’s daughter, have been a couple since 2019. They got to know each other during the production of ‘How Shall I Say It?’. “That settled pretty quickly for me,” Jens said. “We met a few times off set and I knew: if we keep doing this, it won’t be long before I’m head over heels in love.” He also told that honestly to Lauren. “He put his heart on the table, and I was so honored that I thought, there’s only one way to find out if there’s more to this than friendship. We just need to kiss once. And it did something to me – I felt it deep in my stomach,” Lauren said.

Difficult period

The two swam through a lot of water together – the ‘intense years’ Dendoncker talks about. Lauren supported Jens when he was struggling mentally. He was admitted at the end of 2020 because he was struggling with feelings of anxiety. When he announced that, he immediately thanked Versnick. “I want to thank everyone who supports from the sidelines. First of all my brave love Lauren, my rock in the surf.” When he carefully took his first steps in public a year later, he did so again. “The period when things went badly for me was also very intense for her,” it sounded. “Lauren was taken by surprise. Even though it was anything but easy for her. She is the reason why I am now recovering.”

But now their shared story is over. The couple asks for understanding for their difficult situation. “We would like to process this difficult decision in peace, we hope everyone will respect this.”


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