Meghan Markle whistled back after ‘lies’: “I am really stunned” | Royalty

Meghan Markle whistled back after ‘lies’: “I am really stunned” | Royalty
Meghan Markle whistled back after ‘lies’: “I am really stunned” | Royalty

RoyaltyMeghan Markle (41) is again under fire. The wife of Prince Harry (37) gave an interview to the American magazine ‘The Cut’, in which she made some remarkable statements. For example, she claimed that a South African actor had told her that her marriage to Prince Harry was “partying just as hard in the streets as when Mandela was released from prison”. But according to the actor in question, Markle made that story up.

The much-discussed interview that Meghan Markle gave earlier this week still resonates. During the conversation, Meghan said that she was suddenly taken aside by a South African actor during the premiere of the Disney film ‘The Lion King’, which she attended with Prince Harry. “He said, ‘You must know, when you became part of the royal family, we partied in the streets as much as when Mandela was released from prison.’ That was a very beautiful moment,” Meghan said in the interview.

However, according to that actor, John Kani, Meghan’s claim is “a lie”, he told the British Daily Mail. Though Meghan didn’t mention his name, Kani says the anecdote is about him being the only South African in “The Lion King.” “It really baffles me. I’ve never met Meghan Markle. I am the only South African in the cast and I was not at the London premiere. It’s just a bad memory of her,” the actor said.

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The much-discussed interview that Meghan Markle gave earlier this week still resonates. © The Cut

He also says that Meghan and Prince Harry’s wedding was not celebrated at all in South Africa, although the Duchess of Sussex suggests otherwise. “In my memory no one knows when they got married,” says the actor. “We had no South African connection to the wedding or to her marriage to Harry. I am really surprised by this.”

After the interview, Nelson Mandela’s grandson also spoke out. He is furious and cannot understand why Meghan made such statements. “Fighting 60 years of apartheid and 350 years of colonialism in South Africa is not the same as marrying a white prince,” he said. “My grandfather stood up for minorities, for children and women and for the most vulnerable people in society. I really don’t understand wanting to compare yourself to that. Celebrating his release in 1990 cannot be compared to anyone’s marriage.”

Even more criticism

In addition, there are even more statements by Meghan that cause bad blood. The Duchess of Sussex also talked about her search for a home in the interview, after she and Prince Harry decided to leave the United Kingdom. Since they said goodbye to their royal duties, the couple has lived in a villa worth more than 14 million euros in Montecito, California, but they apparently “couldn’t afford it”.

“We were looking and this house kept coming up in the searches,” said Meghan. “But we didn’t have a job, so we weren’t going to look at this house. It was not possible. It’s like when I was younger and on window shopping did. Then you’re like, ‘I don’t want to go and look at all the things I can’t afford, that doesn’t feel right.’” Meghan added that she and Prince Harry eventually “did everything they could” to to get hold of the house anyway, because the house felt “healing and free”.

Those passages also give Meghan a lot of criticism. “Completely detached from reality,” it sounds on social media. Or also: “Poor Meghan Markle, we should set up a crowdfunding for her. How hard is poverty”, “Could it be more ignorant and repulsive than this?” and “Is Meghan really expecting sympathy when millions of people can’t even afford rent for a tiny and worthless apartment?”

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