The final climb in 5 videos: Roglic attacks, Evenepoel folds and Ayuso has to change bike | Vuelta

Sat 03 September 2022


The steep final climb of the Sierra de la Pandera has once again shuffled the cards in the Vuelta. Remco Evenepoel was unable to follow his competitors and sees Primoz Roglic approaching a bit in the standings. Watch the climb in 5 videos here.

Roglic accelerates and attacks Evenepoel

Ilan Van Wilder leads the favorites group on the pentes of the Sierra de la Pandera, but it is not fast enough for Primoz Roglic. The Slovenian accelerates and Remco Evenepoel cannot answer the attack.

Evenepoel is having a hard time and has to let others drive

Evenepoel keeps Roglic in his sights, but suddenly his pace stops. He cannot follow Mas, Lopez, Rodriguez and Ayuso, among others.

Ayuso has a puncture and has to continue on a neutral bike

What bad luck for Juan Ayuso. The benjamin of the Vuelta peloton has a puncture on the final climb and has to continue on a bicycle of the neutral car. He ends up in the tracks of Evenepoel.

Carapaz wins stage, Evenepoel concedes almost a minute

Early breakaway Richard Carapaz holds his ground in the front and takes his second stage win of the Vuelta. Primoz Roglic finishes third, Evenepoel crosses the finish line 47 seconds later.

Striking image: Evenepoel blows out after the finish

Evenepoel keeps the loss limited and blows out shortly after the finish.

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ride date type of ride start-finish total winner leader
1 19/08 18:30 team time trial Utrecht – Utrecht 23.3 km TJV Sink
2 20/08 13:36 road race ‘s-Hertogenbosch – Utrecht 175.1 km Bennett Teunissen
3 21/08 12:53 road race Breda – Breda 193.2 km Bennett affinity
4 23/08 13:53 road race semi mountain stage Vitoria-Gasteiz – Laguardia 152.5 km roglic roglic
5 24/08 13:01 road race semi mountain stage Irun – Bilbao 187.2 km Soler Molard
6 25/08 12:36 road race mountain stage Bilbao – Pico Jano 181.2 km Vine Evenepoel
7 26/08 12:32 road race semi mountain stage Camargo – Cistierna 190 km Herrada Evenepoel
8 27/08 13:30 road race mountain stage Pola de Laviana – Collau Fancuaya 153.4 km Vine Evenepoel
9 28/08 12:53 road race mountain stage Villaviciosa – Les Praeres 171.4 km Meintjes Evenepoel
10 30/08 13:53 individual time trial Elche – Alicante 30.9 km Evenepoel Evenepoel
11 31/08 12:56 road race Alhama de Murcia – Cabo de Gata 191.2 km Groves Evenepoel
12 01/09 12:33 road race semi mountain stage Salobrena – Penas Blancas 192.7 km carapaz Evenepoel
13 02/09 13:37 road race Ronda – Montilla 168.4 km Pedersen Evenepoel
14 03/09 13:13 road race mountain stage Montoro – Sierra de la Pandera 160.3 km carapaz Evenepoel
15 04/09 13:21 road race mountain stage Martos – Sierra Nevada 149.6 km
16 06/09 13:00 road race Sanlucar de Barrameda – Tomares 189.4 km
17 07/09 13:21 road race semi mountain stage Aracena – Monasterio de Tentudia 162.3 km
18 08/09 12:19 road race mountain stage Trujillo – Alto de Piornal 192 km
19 09/09 14:03 road race mountain stage Talavera de la Reina – Talavera de la Reina 138.3 km
20 10/09 12:45 road race mountain stage Moralzarzal – Puerto de Navacerrada 181 km
21 11/09 17:26 road race Las Rozas de Madrid – Madrid 96.7 km

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